The Governor of Maine

Paul LePage

The Governor of Maine grew up being the oldest of eighteen children and escaped from home being born into a house with domestic abuse. At eleven years old LePage lived on the streets in Lewiston, Maine for two years.

Later, at age thirteen, Paul LePage was jointly “adopted” by two families where they helped him find work and get into Husson College in Maine. In college he obtained a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Finance/Accounting. He decided to continue and receive his MBA at the University of Maine.

In the business world, Paul LePage joined the company of Marden’s in 1996 and became the general manager. Once he joined, the company continued to excel and grow into a store with 15 different locations in the state of Maine. Prior to that, Governor LePage headed a private consultancy through which he multiple services. His experience includes manufacturing, wood products, forestry, power, furniture, food and beverage, building supply and construction in Maine and Canada.

Governor LePage greatest success was becoming mayor of Waterville and helped reduce taxes annually, improved the City’s credit rating, increased the rainy day fund and maintain strong support for local education without cutting any services.

Being the Governor of Maine, Paul LePage has implemented the largest tax cut in Maine history, allowing for low-income Mainers to keep their hard-earned money. He fixed the pension system, paid the massive welfare debt to Maine’s hospitals, reformed programs, and reduced regulations on businesses.

Paul LePage’s priorities are to create job as well as lower taxes and welfare reform. He desires to focus on economic development and tries to help Maine become a more business-friendly state. He is trying to restructure the State’s tax system so that hard-working Mainer’s are able to keep their money to allow it to prosper and be more stable.


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