The Persuaders


The world of advertising effects people a lot more than they realize. It is the driving force to why and how people consume. Whether it is a candy bar, or a certain shampoo brand, we persuade ourselves that everything we purchase is worth our money.

It is so interesting to see the mindset behind marketers when they research the best ways to persuade the public into making certain purchases.

The documentary “The Persuaders” produced by Frontline introduces the fact that so many companies have discovered ways to catch an emotional grip on the minds of consumers. Marketing to people is no longer just the goal of brand awareness, but the process of establishing a place of meaning and belonging. Brands present more of an invitation to be apart of a lifestyle that you can identify with rather than just a mark of quality.

Marketers found ways to persuade people to be interested in their products for more than just the simple purchase. They create a greater fulfillment and incorporate an idea that buyers believe in to make them feel included. Even though the idea behind a brand may never actually be fulfilled, consumers usually buy into the ideas because of the satisfaction the purchase is able to bring a customer for a period of time. This makes brands very successful, especially when it makes a consumer desires to buy more and more once the satisfaction period runs out.


With times changing rapidly, the advertising world has had to adapt as well. People no longer have the patience to sit through commercials and pay attention. Marketers wonder why there is a skip button at the bottom of YouTube videos online. Since this is such a red flag to many companies, advertising brands have needed to be a bit more creative. Now instead of making audience skip the ads to get to the programs, marketers came up with the genius idea to become apart of the programs themselves. While allowing people to focus on what they desire to watch and engage in, marketing companies can incorporate their products in a place where consumers are subconsciously being introduced to them.

We live in such a time where people really hate wasting their time viewing things they have no interest in. It seems very clever to exposed brands to people when it shows them that it may be what they are missing in their lives. This is very well executed in the movies. In an environment like the movies, a brand is able to not only make a presence, but establish a character. A very good example of this is in the movie “I am Sam” where Starbucks is made up to be somewhat of a hero. What better way to make a brand look like a positive influence?


It ultimately comes down to the fact that people are all persuaders. The marketing world has found ways to see each individual person so deeply, that it really doesn’t feel like persuasion anymore. People love feeling like they are in control of their lives and the decision they make, so when you think about the overall picture, you realize we all have the power to be an influencer in the world. This can be a tool used for good or bad however. I personally like this career path because the world is in need of some truth in the media fields. I feel as though God has placed a passion in my heart to be an influencer not only because I have the ability to speak truth, but because the faith I have is not something artificial. When a person has a passion for something they believe in, they are able to market to the world in a way that is not deceitful, but out of the utter desire to show the world something they love.

On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.

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