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Have you ever questioned yourself: How other artists and musicians get their creativity going? How their work process looks like and what specific tactics they implement to optimize their work flow? You will find it in Mike V’s Podcast Among Lions. Mike V is the founder of Among Lions.

Here’s what you should listen to first! On the platforms of your choice: itunes (coming soon), stitcher, soundcloud, spotify, spreaker, google and castbox.

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Mike V sits down with different musicians and artists and starts the conversation with the following questions:

  • Who are you and what are you currently working on?
  • What are your favorite creations you have made? …

New Songs

Your opinion counts. I am currently working on new songs and You will find my song ideas on instagram so as facebook. Therefore I would love to hear your opinion: Which ones do you like or not and why? What would you do differently?” I m very open-minded for constructive feedback. No worries just tell me straight what’s on your mind.

Creativity First

Mike V, founder of Among Lions

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Insights — One guideline only

I allow myself anything. That means I am testing various approaches/influences to enrich the sound of Among Lions.

Nowadays colorful Blues and Soul music inspires me as well

Seattle Sound meats Blues and Flamenco

As teenager I fell in love with the “Seattle-Sound” followed by stoner rock and some metal bands. Namely I still listen to The Melvins, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana and many more. A few years later I stumbled over a Flamenco artist. Wow! This is a completely different style. Since then I got an ongoing flirt with Flamenco music. So I am still practicing some techniques from time to time. However this affair enriched my guitar-playing in my opinion. Nowadays colorful blues and soul music inspires me as well. By accident;-) I am in love with these bluesy licks and full stops. But I involve some heavy guitars too. These two should dance together”. Can’t wait to crank up the volume on stage. …

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Flamenco a unique way of expressing oneself

The one form that speaks to me the most is “toque la guitarra”. It doesn’t matter if I hear it in concert or from a maestro somewhere in an Andalusian city like Seville. Mind-blowing. The rhythm and its melodies make me wanna play guitar instantly every time I hear a few notes. I don’t claim a I can play flamenco. In any case this style speaks to me and I feel it.

The flamenco rhythm and its melodies make me wanna play guitar instantly.

My appetite got bigger

I started out on a classical guitar which my mom inherited from her mother. After a few years of playing guitar mainly rock and blues music, my appetite for another influence got bigger and bigger. I discovered Gerhard Graf Martinez. A German guitar player which developed a highly recommendable guitar course including a DVD. In there you see how he plays these challenging techniques. Multiple camera angles are available. Fancy online guitar courses weren’t set up back then. …


Among Lions

What do you benefit from among lions? We write music. Around this topic we love to share applicable knowledge on different medias:

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