The Pursuit Of Success

We all have our own definition of success. It is, like happiness, granularly singular, and more interestingly, even at an individual level it is multi-dimensional and complimentary. For instance, a person can be successful professionally, but might not be so successful in their personal life. Or, depending on their importance, success in one area might compensate for failure in another or vice versa.

But, no matter how big the variance in its definition is from one point in time to another, or from one person to another, its fundamentals are almost always the same — it has to do with our sense of achievement. Whether it is about that big science project or a small bug in a piece of code or getting back in shape, success is always about pursing and achieving a goal. A sense of achievement or accomplishment is the essence of success.

To achieve something implies having a goal and working towards it. Without a goal, without a destination, we’ll be wandering aimlessly and never achieve anything. A goal can be anything — buy a car in two years or lose 30lbs in 18 months or as a personal example, one of my goals is to get proficient in SKY meditation in the next two years. And we can have multiple goals. But, a goal needs to be sensible, be achievable. I cannot set myself a goal to win the gold at Olympics for 100m sprint when I don’t have any professional experience at all. If I do want that, I’ll first need to set a series of goals to develop my abilities, win smaller competitions, work my way up to the Olympic squad and then try and win that gold. So that’s that — Having a pragmatic goal, or a sequential set of goals is the most critical step in the pursuit of success.

Once we set ourselves a goal (or a series of them), it boils down to three main factors — opportunity, hard work (includes intelligence), and the will to achieve (implies perseverance). Here’s the important part:

If we don’t have any of these three factors, then achieving our goals becomes a challenge. For instance, going back to my goal about meditation, if I never have an opportunity to practice due to my schedule, I will never achieve my goal. We need to make time and turn that into opportunity. And our ability to create these opportunities depends on our will to achieve and the amount of hard work we can put in. So that’s the final rule — Using the will to achieve and working hard to create opportunities needed to achieve the goal.

That’s it. Happy achieving!

Peace, happiness and good health to all.