Regret not the past

Regret not your past, for it is long gone. Believe me its not worth it! I used to beat my self over a few things, things in the past. It did not really fix them, because the past can’t really be fixed. However you can work for a better future.

My mother passed away two years ago due to cancer. I lost her, and i watched her ago. Since then i didn't know who to blame it on, whose fault was her death. Maybe i needed some kind of closure. I didn't get it, and ended up blaming my self. Thinking that i had forgotten to give her medicine that night, or i didn't feed her right. Its my fault and i REGRET each bit of it. I regret giving less attention to my mother, giving her less importance. I gave my friends the time i should have been giving her. I had messed up.I regret each minute, and when i think of it. I see a foolish me, i see my self as a week person who made a false judgement. I would give anything to go back into time and make it all better.

However it was the words of someone who helped me, helped me out of my misery and so i stopped blaming my self. He said “Its not your fault! And when it comes to regrets, from what i have learnt is not to have any regrets. That is because regrets have made you the person you are now and i think you are great person. So you have nothing to worry about.”

So all that shit you hear about life being short and that we should have no regrets is true. Sometimes the good lies in forgetting the past and moving on, life has a whole lot of things for you in the future worry about those!