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Amon Tech
Amon Tech
Jan 11, 2018 · 3 min read

1. How does the Amon Artificial Intelligence work?

The Amon AI will become progressively advanced as we move further along the dev life cycle. The first release will be able to suggest users the best performing cryptocurrency at the time of the purchase. This will be calculated based on the cost and selling price of the currency. Advanced forms of this AI will be able to help users take broad based decisions of which crypto’s to use, trade, hold and divest based on the AI’s recommendations. All in all the Amon AI will HELP users make the right decisions to maximise their value. The Amon AI aims to make users’ crypto holdings go farther and farther.

The next releases will be based on algorithms that will involve different variables with the goal to support user’s decisions. The AI system will work as machine learning from user behaviour and historical data.

2. Will the Amon AI system be patented?

Amon’s AI algorithms will be patented. It is too early to publish exact information as to when due to the length and complexity of the processes involved.

3. When will my Amon Card be shipped?

Our plan is to begin shipping it after the Token Sale Event, in Q2 2018. Whitelist contributors that will receive a free Amon Gold card will have priority during the roll out.

4. How is Amon different from other Crypto Cards?

Amon is the only crypto debit card using the power of Artificial Intelligence and giving real time conversion. Amon not only enables everyday spending with crypto but also helps the holder mitigate volatility and make better decision on which cryptos to spend. The demand for Real time conversion is huge as evidenced by the long waiting lists for such cards.

We consider our competitors as part of the same revolution with each adding value to the crypto spending niche in their unique ways.

As crypto has exploded, we believe ultimate consumers of crypto have not had their fair share of superior user experience and service levels. We want to set this right and make it about the consumer. That is the reason why we are building a top notch customer service setup and IT infrastructure to deliver a great well rounded solution to crypto consumers.

5. How does the Built-in exchange work and why do I need it?

The built-in exchange is a functionality of the wallet that allows you to change any cryptocurrency to another one within your wallet, instantly. This functionality has a great benefit, for example you will be able to invest in token coming from ICOs directly from the Amon Wallet as soon as we integrate them.

6. Can I use Amon card even if I don’t have access to my Amon App on the phone?

Yes. There are 3 ways to use the Amon card, two of which will allow you to pay without access to the Amon App:

  1. Pay with a preferred cryptocurrency — this option will allow you to pay also without Amon App access
  2. Select the cryptocurrency on the spot — this option will NOT allow you to pay without Amon App access because it is required that you select the cryptocurrency after swiping the card at the merchant
  3. Pay with the Amon Artificial Intelligent system — this option will allow you to pay also without Amon App access

7. Can I load Fiat onto my Amon Card directly?

Yes, this will be possible as soon as we will implement Fiat currencies in the Amon wallet.

10. What is the comparison of Fees charged by Amon vs other traditional means of converting Crypto to FIAT?

Fees will depend on the type of Card you will have and on the number of AMN tokens that you will hold. We offer priority customer service and no fees / reduced fees to customers that hold a minimum of 1000 tokens

11. How trustworthy is the team?

The Amon founders are serial entrepreneurs. They have built successful disruptive businesses from the ground up and have known each other for years. They are well known and respected in the Internet industry. The Amon team they have brought together is highly skilled in Blockchain Tech, Payment processing, Finance and Marketing. Several well known partners are already on board with Amon placing their trust and resources in Amon.

Amon Tech

Written by

Amon Tech

A Crypto Debit Card that not only lets you use your crypto for everyday purchases but also helps you save big with A.I. and real time conversion!

Amon Tech

Written by

Amon Tech

A Crypto Debit Card that not only lets you use your crypto for everyday purchases but also helps you save big with A.I. and real time conversion!

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