Amon Card Token Sale FAQ

1. What is the Token Ticker?

The token ticker is AMN.

2. What is the minimum investment?

During the Public ICO there will be a minimum investment of 100 USD

3. How Many Amon Tokens will be issued during ICO, Softcap and Hardcap?

Amon tokens will be issued depending on the total number of contributions. 
Softcap: 3,000,000 USD = 60,000,000 AMN
Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD = 500,000,000 AMN

4. What is the Price of AMN tokens?

1 AMN = 0.05 USD

5. What is the Amon Token Distribution?

ICO Contributors 30%
Reserve 27%
Team 10% Vested for 1 year
Advisors 5% Vested for 6 months
Founders 25% Vested for 3 years with 6 months release plan starting from the 2nd year
Bounty Program 3%

6. What is the circulating supply of AMN tokens?

550,000,000 AMN tokens will be circulating when Tokens are released after the end of the token sale (30% ICO contributors and 3% bounty programs).

450,000,000 AMN will be allocated for Reserves and will be locked and used only in special events related to the business operations. The 250,000,000 AMN tokens for Advisors and Team will be vested respectively for 6 months and 1 year while the remaining 416,666,667 AMN for Founders will be vested for 3 years with a 6 months release programme starting from the 2nd year.

7. Why do you have 27% tokens ear-marked for Reserves:

It is because Fintech companies in the payment processing niche have higher liquidity requirements for day to day operations. To cushion for all situations requiring immediate liquidity, we are keeping 27% AMN in the reserve to ensure smooth sustainable operations.

8. Do you offer a Bonus?

Private ICO (March 1st for 24hours) 25% Bonus + Free Amon Gold Card
ICO (Mar 4th to Mar11th) 15% Bonus + Free Amon Gold Card*
ICO (Mar 12th to Mar19th)10% Bonus + Free Amon Gold Card*
ICO (Mar 20th to Mar27th) 5% Bonus + Free Amon Gold Card*
ICO (Mar 28th to Apr4th) Free Amon Gold Card*

* During the Main ICO, Free Amon Gold Card will require a minimum contribution of 1,000 USD or purchase of 20,000 AMN

9. How will the users be able to use the Amon (AMN) token?
The AMN tokens will grant access to exclusive benefits to the Amon Card users like:

  • Card fees

Holders of AMN tokens will get special fee structure. Details of the discounts and low fees will be released after the ICO and will vary depending on the type of Card and numbers of AMN tokens held.

  • Premium Customer Service

Customer service in crypto industry is not up to the standards of other industries. For this reason we will provide different levels of customer service with 24/7 priority line to AMN tokens holders.

  • Masternode Benefits

Although AMN tokens won’t be running any masternodes, but the top holders of AMN tokens will be passed on masternode benefits that Amon accrues from crypto currencies that do payout masternode benefits. For details about how it works check out our Token Sale FAQs.

  • CashBacks

For every transaction made with the Amon Card you will get a percentage of AMN tokens as cashback. We have set the cashback at 0.5% for Gold and Platinum Card.

10. Are AMN token running MasterNodes?

No, AMN tokens are not running Masternodes. Amon will share passive interests coming from other Masternodes cryptocurrencies with top AMN tokens holders.

11. What are MasterNodes (MN)?

MasterNodes are cryptocurrency full nodes or computer wallets that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. As benefit to have a MN, the MN holder receives a fixed percentage of interest paid as cryptocurrency of the MN.

As example, DASH requires 1.000 DASH to run a MN. The DASH MN holder will receive a fixed percentage in DASH.

When the Amon customer base will be wide enough to gather 1.000 DASH, Amon will be able to run a DASH MN and receive passive interests that will be shared with their top customers holding AMN tokens.

If you want to have more info on MasterNodes please click here.

12. How do I get the passive interests?

In order to receive the passive interests the Amon user will be required to:

  • Hold a certain amount of AMN for a certain period of time
  • Hold a certain amount of MN cryptocurrency for a certain period of time

The passive interests will be proportional to the number of MN cryptocurrency hold but not to the number of AMN hold. Holding AMN will be needed to be entitled to receive the passive interests but will not be taken into account in the calculation of the passive interest.

As example:

  • Amon runs a MN holding 1.000 DASH
  • 5% available Passive Interest = 50 Dash
  • Amon user holds 100 Dash and 100.000 AMN
  • 100 Dash represent 10% of the total 1.000 DASH MN
  • Passive interest received by the Amon user will be 5 DASH

13. When do we get to know the exact amount of AMN and cryptocurrency of the MN that we need to receive the passive interests?

The exact amount of AMN and cryptocurrency of the MN needed will not be known until the time Amon is able to run the MasterNode.

14. When will AMN tokens be sent to us?

The AMN tokens will be sent after the ICO has taken place.

15. What currencies will Amon Wallet be able to store?

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. And more crypto and FIAT currencies to follow in the future.

16. How soon can we expect AMN tokens to be listed on an exchange?

It’s an ongoing process and it is difficult to give a specific date, but we will do it as soon as possible. We will aim for exchanges like HITBTC, Cryptopia, Poloniex, Bittrex.

17. What payment is accepted during the ICO?

Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

18 . Do I need a special wallet to buy AMN Token?

The token will be distributed directly into your Amon Wallet, so you don’t need any special wallet to buy AMN. You will be able to install the application and directly enjoy your brand new tokens inside of it.

When distribution is over, if unfortunately you don’t want to use our Wallet, you will still be able to withdraw your token from the dashboard to any ERC20 compliant wallet such as MyEtherWallet (

19. How do I contact AMON?

Amon offers additional customer services to individuals investing over USD $1 million. Please contact our investor relations team at and we will get in touch with you.

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