The Human Condition

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”- Carl Jung

Despite of all the doubts and uncertainties in our world there is only one thing that we can be certain of, and that is our existence. Whether you believe that our species is a product of an intelligent designer or the product of 3.8 billion years of evolution the only thing that is rationally pure is our reality. Now the question is, what do we do with our existence? Is there an objective meaning of life? Are we to dedicate our lives to a deity? Does the meaning of life revolve around human prosperity and abundance? From a universal relative point of view there is no objective meaning of life, but we can derive a meaning of life out of the nihilist perspective of no meaning to life with an absolute truth.

In order to derive an absolute truth we must first conceptualize the human race. This must be done so that we can look at our species from a third person perspective. Looking at our species from a third person perspective will allow us to understand the objective human condition.

It seems as if our species has this sense of entitlement because we go about our lives thinking our civilization will forever flourish. We think that tomorrow is always certain and that a human extinction will some how preclude the universe’s existence, but that is not true. If our species were to somehow die off in some catastrophic incident, the universe would continue to expand, the earth would continue to orbit its star, and micro-organisms would continue to function. The extraterrestrial species arising from its primordial stage of life 5 million light years away from earth will know nothing of the Homo Sapiens. Without the Human race life and matter would simply continue to exist.

We must acknowledge that our existence is fragile and that our existence is not only contingent of our biology, but also our cognition. As the most intellectual and dominant species of this planet we have the choice to either blatantly walk into our own extinction or we can come to know the universe that created us. Objectively there is no right or wrong choice, but being the relatively intellectual species that we are, we have the ability to determine which choice is right and which one is wrong.

In order to decide which path is right we must first objectively perceive the human condition as for what it is. The human condition came to be due to the following:

Approximately 3.8 billion years ago the first unicellular organisms formed. All life on earth derived from these organisms; they are known as the last universal common ancestor (LUCA). 3.5 billion years ago the split of bacteria and archaea occurred, this was followed by primitive forms of photosynthesis. Multi cellular organisms at last formed 800 million years ago, and as the result of hundreds of millions of years of evolution we saw the development of the first vertebrates, the first dinosaurs, the first mammals, and finally the development of the first hominins (the last common ancestor shared by humans & chimpanzees).

Fast forward to contemporary time and we have the modern Homo Sapiens and their current state of existence. The Human race is biologically confined, they seem to have a sense of agency, their cognitive abilities are relative to their planet due to their evolutionary development, and they endure bio-chemical changes in their bodies which creates a sentient being. They experience time and matter in a linear manner; hence they perceive laws of physical governance in a linear manner as well, and they are probably the only species on the planet earth that is consciously aware of their mortality.The human race lives in a state of separation due to their relative cultures and ideologies. They fail to see their reality holistically, and it is because of this failure that they continue to endure through adversities, atrocities, pain, and suffering. Although this is the current human condition, it is this state of existence that gives meaning to life.

Due to the fact that Homo Sapiens are sentient beings, pain and suffering are objective truths in the human experience; they’re absolute. There is no denying them because adversity in our reality is empirical and observable. Suffering is simply apart of human existence, but it is because of these relative absolute truths that we have a meaning to existence. It gives a meaning to existence because its what we can work with; pain and suffering is real for us. Unlike David Benatar or Peter Wessel Zapffe, both of whom argued in favor for the termination of human procreation because they believed that the lives of conscious individuals are tragic, we should embrace human suffering and use it as a catalyst to move us forward.

Why would we blatantly walk into our own extinction when our existence is the only observable certainty? Do not dedicate your existence to a nonexistent deity, but instead dedicate your existence to humanity. As a being with a sense of agency let your rationality guide your actions, not dogma. Reconcile with adversity and do not fear it, for adversity is simply a part of existence. Instead of demonizing it, let human adversity be the formidable wind that propels our species through the vast ocean of uncertainty.