When President Trump first started his campaign his main concern was creating jobs for the American people while restoring the economy and getting this country out of debt. Well on January 24 2017 he finally received the green light to begin construction on the Keystone Pipeline, a system that would transport large amounts of oil through several states. The first article comes from CNN and their thoughts on this very controversial decision and describes it in a very negative light (http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/24/politics/trump-keystone-xl-dakota-access-pipelines-executive-actions/).While the other article comes from Fox News and how they see this decision as very good plan and how it will only strengthen the United States. (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/01/24/trump-to-sign-orders-reviving-pipeline-projects-sources-say.html)

The CNN article explains how the pipeline will destroy the ecosystems and drastically affect the environment. The images they use portray Trump as confused while also kind of being controlling and demanding. The perception the photo gives off is that Trump doesn’t really care about the disaster that could come up if the pipeline were to start leak. The article then talks about the importance of protecting the Native American Reservations and how they would lose their rights to privacy given to them from the past injustices that they faced from the government. The article provides a map of where four major sioux reservations are located and how the pipeline when pass directly through them. If the pipeline were to malfunction this could lead to poisoning the water supply and affect many different species living there. One of the tribe’s chairman had this to say about Trump’s decision “President Trump is legally required to honor our treaty rights.” By using this quote CNN is painting Trump in a bad light and they are showing that Trump clearly doesn’t respect the tribes and is only starting production on the pipeline just for monetary gain. When the plan arose Tom Steyer, an environmental activist had this to say on this issue “The pipelines are an all risk no reward, allowing corporate polluters to transport oil through our country and be sold on the global market.” This quote shows that CNN is more worried about the effects of the pipeline itself on the environment instead of the exporting of oil. The stacking is very apparent that CNN wants to make Trump’s decision look as catastrophic as possible while stating facts.

The second article comes from Fox News, they start off the article with a video clip based on the thumbnail it gives off the impression that Trump demands change and wants it now. They then provide a quote from a TransCanada spokesman Terry Cunha “KXL creates thousands of well paying jobs and would generate tens of millions of dollars in annual property taxes.” This quote goes in line with Trump’s whole campaign of creating more jobs and making mass amounts of money from exporting oil. They stack this near the top of the article because economically this decision would be incredible for America, and they feel like every “true” American’s main priority is strengthening the economy.

Although both of these articles are not extremely bias they are bias in the sense of how much information is actually given out. The CNN article does a better job at displaying a lot more reasons as to why the pipeline should not be built, while the Fox News’ article which only shows the only positive that comes out of the pipeline is more jobs and more money. The CNN article allows the reader to understand why this should not be in production while the Fox article doesn’t let the reader know the negatives and consequences of having an oil transport through four states and the effect that has on the environment. Overall the CNN article is superior because it shows the many negatives to this decision whereas the Fox article only shows one positive, the CNN article gives out a lot more information thus making the reader more educated on this issue, so the article becomes a lot more credible because they aren’t holding back or hiding any information. News sources should not be afraid to display all the information when it comes to political decisions out of fear of not being popular.

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