I’m too old for Instagram
Chris Messina

This is a great article. Totally understanding you. First , as a photographer I made myself the question “ What makes an instagram photo popular? ( yes, for a minute or so I wanted to feed my ego with with as much likes as I could get ) The answer for this question can be written in a essay but my discover was, techniclly speaking : pretty people + hipster elements + forcing a scen to match with a filter + shallowness in its composition . This conclusion drives from an experiment ; first I uploadrs one if the photos I sold in a gallery and was part of my graduation work then I uploaded a sliced watermelon on a table photo, gues which one got more likes? . Yes the photo of the watermelon also the part where you say that “kids keep their photo until they get an LOL..” . Now I’m out of instagram. I grew up when film or pilaroids were used, I still use it so what’s the point of achieving certain look with a not even closer filter to real rendering ?Definitions it’s not for me I am not saying that is all bad . Thank you.

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