I Can Tell You What Your Child Will Major In

A question every college bound person has to ask themselves is what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to major in. Well, I can tell you with a good bit of certainty what field you will go into, with not but two questions. What do your parents do? And what is your personality type?

Not convinced?

I have recently done some research about how people end up choosing their majors. After some polls and online surveys, I determined that it is very closely tied to your personality type. Your personality type of course being whether you define yourself as an introvert or an extrovert. Introverts tend to go towards the maths and sciences, whilst extroverts tended to go towards arts and business. Now, everyone has experienced that people will tend to be similar to their parents when it comes to school and interests, but why is that?

Many people thought that because children attempt to model their parents at a young age, their interests develop similar to their parents. I however, believe that it is genetic. Sigmond Freud stated that “Personality types are genetic, Introvert being dominant”.

So what does this mean? Well I think the most interesting thing to look at with this is the introvert being dominant that I mentioned earlier. So, a quick biology lesson for everyone, a dominant gene means that if you have one gene of each type, the dominant one will take the characteristic. Each person will have two genes, so assuming that both parents both have lets say, 1 extrovert, and 1 introvert gene, the child will get one from each parent, at random. Meaning the child will be an introvert 75% of the time, only being an extrovert when both of the extrovert genes are recieved. This math changes on what two genes the parents have but this should get you by. So anyways, back to what I was saying, lets look at this in the scope of, hell lets say the world. As the world has developed, more and more people have been getting into the maths and sciences, the renaissance was all about arts and poetry and plays, and just after that, phyics and calculus are established and have become more and more prominent over time, because with time, introverts have become more and more prominent. The maths and sciences have become a bigger and bigger topic, because the ratio of the nature of our very species has been changing over time. Don’t believe me? just look around for a day. How many people do you see keeping to themselves on their phones? really count, and how many people do you see instead of checking snapchat during lunch, sit down next to a random person and strike up a converstaion? There is almost nobody…

So let us go back to those two questions I brought up earlier. These two questions are entirely focused around those principles of genetics i mentioned above. By knowing what your personality type is I can narrow down your gene pool to one of 3 options. If you are an extrovert, you have two extrovert genes, if you are an introvert, you either have two introvert genes, or one of both. This is where knowing what your parents do is nescessary. Depending on what they did with their careers we can figure out whether they are an introvert or an extrovert as defined above. If one of your parents is an extrovert, you have one of each. If both of your parents are introverts, you will have to go into grandparents and potentially further until you can define genes with certainty. However, it is always most likely that you will have one of each. If you do this same thing for your partner you can determine their genetic makeup, and then run some probabilites for your child. So, without even knowing you or your partner, I can mathematically give you a good guess as to what field your child will major in.