Hello, World!

Earlier this year a projector fell on my head. There isn’t a clearer sign that a career in technology needed to carry on from there. You see, after 11 years, I had become disenchanted with my career as an administrator. Schools have less and less funding every year, teachers have more and more on their lists of responsibilities, the mix is a lethal one.

According to a 2016 article by Eric Westervelt of NPR, teacher burn-out and attrition is real. And it is more evident in schools with low funding; teachers feel they have less autonomy in the classroom, there is more to teach with less funding. I fell into that reality. I found no answers — not as a teacher, not as an administrator.

And so, while recovering from my concussion, I returned to a hidden gem of mine — Tech. I attended a couple of networking events, read and practiced web app frameworks, and began hacking away. I instantly felt liberated. I felt that shifting my career away from the standard school structure and moving towards making technology more integrated with education is a movement I can help happen. In addition, as a woman in technology, I need to advocate and promote diversity and inclusion in all tech fields.

I am all in!

Here I am.

I am passionate about technology, diversity, and inclusion. I am a leader, an educator, a designer ready to create something that will create a lasting impact in the world of diversity and inclusion in technology. This is my blog.