One Month Later: Developer, Trainer, Educator, Some Confusion, All Fun!

After 30 days of action, I feel like I am finally getting into a basic design for my week. In the morning I teach students world languages, in the afternoon I teach myself Polymer, and in the evening I enjoy some family time. Every aspect of my day is in its own little container, each thing in its own file. A simple kind of life.

While it all sounds very compartmentalized, each piece of my day in its own little <div>, I am learning that all of the work I do is not separate. I am teaching, learning and developing daily. Constantly. All of these elements blend together. All these elements are framing themselves to form a beautifully designed day.

Perhaps the best representation of this blending is this week’s launch of my after-school class! After a month of planning and scheduling, I will be teaching a basics in web development class after school. This is a new adventure for me, and I am apprehensive about how successful the class will be. At this time, I am simply offering a new skill to students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to access a coding class. I am combining my role as an educator, my role as a developer and my love of diversity to give students a glimpse into their possible future. Time to have some fun!

Two of my students setting up their Google accounts in preparation for coding class.