The Ultimate Guide for XR Evangelists
Reuben Steiger

Great to see this Reuben —I have always appreciated your insights in Second Life. Here’s my most recent Mixed Reality Trends piece on Medium:

With the ExO Works innovation sprints I use this XR and exponential futures introduction deck, primarily used for short talks with larger companies seeking to understand smartglasses or intersections in XR technologies:

I keep a few other decks on wearables, smartglasses, mixed reality for impact, cause-building games and on our content series, games and experiences in development. More coming soon from @LightLodges — launching our new channel here on Medium along with series trailers.

Beyond the VRScout podcasts and series, also check out Gabriella Mirabelli’s Up Next series, I did a piece for her on play and there are others on mixed reality and interactive design: