The bone yard

My eyes continue to get heavier puling my eye lids closed, staring at the falling blinding white that covers a barren landscape in a booming shade of blank colour.

Designed to be beautiful to look at and painful at the same time. I can almost smell the back of my eyes burning.

My toes aren't mine anymore, I can feel- well I can't feel them more like, same for my calf's and ankles. They've traded their fair skinned flags for black frozen ones.

Hmph I'm not surprised, if I was any of my my working organs or limbs I'd jump ship to. Lying here being buried alive, slowly. So slowly that I'll probably die from blood loss before anything else.

I can't completely hate the person who shot me and left me for dead, I would of done the same to them. At least my fingers get to enjoy a warm crimson bath in the middle of this icy shithole.

Gut shot in the middle of the bone yard, what a way to go. Quite an Ironic death when I think about it.

Dying in the bone yard! But because of the freezing temperatures I probably won't decompose that far, at least for a while.

The winds here are sharp enough to cut a man in half the cold enough to freeze him in solid before he falls apart.

Ah well, ain't so bad. I've lost enough blood to stop feeling pain, won't be long now. I've already started Hallucinating, time to just close my eyes and stop listening to the voices, the gun fire, the choppers.

Can't tell if it's a privilege or a shame that the only person on this side of the planet who could find me or see me off is the person who shot me.

Very funny, bastard lit me up but didn't give me a smoke.

It's fine, I'll-just... Sleep a while.

I'll see you all back at base.