Simple, science-based steps to boost your immunity can help prevent or moderate infection — including challenging the conventional wisdom about Vitamin C.


by Amory B. Lovins and Eric Rasmussen MD

Why do most people who catch the new virus have mild symptoms and some have none, while others, chiefly the old and sick, develop fatal pneumonias? Because people differ in “immune competence” — their ability to fend off and overcome infection. Proven methods can strengthen that ability. Yet amid debates about how quickly and strictly we must keep apart and stay home, this powerful complement to avoiding exposure and treating infection is being largely ignored. We’re striving to keep the virus away from people and cure them if they get sick, but…

by Amory B. Lovins and Eric Rasmussen MD


This document supplements the authors’ article Don’t Just Avoid the Virus — Defeat It by Strengthening Your Immunity, which should be read first.

Lovins’s 16 March 2020 semitechnical talk “Slowing Contagion” documented the reported value of taking oral vitamin C to help prevent COVID-19 infection or a similar respiratory RNA viruses. If you do get such an infection, medical evidence shows that adequate oral l-ascorbate can make your illness shorter and milder, with less chance of progressing to severe or critical pneumonia. Intravenous vitamin C in doses typically of tens of grams…

Hitting peak oil will come faster than any of us think. But don’t blame dwindling supply — it’s all about disappearing demand

By Amory Lovins

Oil rig worker on a North Sea oil drilling platform. (Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

Why would anyone want to be in the oil business? Like airlines, it’s a great industry but a bad business. Here are the most obvious challenges to its business model:

  • Oil companies are extremely capital-intensive; they can’t charge a high enough price to pay for Arctic oil because to deliver energy at a given rate takes more capital investment than photovoltaics do.
  • They have decadal lead times and high technological, geological, and political risks.
  • National oil companies own about 94 percent of global reserves and can take or tax away the major oil companies’ remaining 6 percent…

“Applied hope,” amory lovins

Commencement remarks to the Natural Science School, University of California at Berkeley, 15 May 2011

The early bioneer Bill McLarney was stirring a vat of algae in his Costa Rica research center when a brassy North American lady strode in. What, she demanded, was he doing stirring a vat of green goo when what the world really needs is love? “There’s theoretical love,” Bill replied, “and then there’s applied love”—and kept on stirring.

Many of us here stir and strive in the spirit of applied hope. We work to make the world better, not from some airy theoretical hope, but in the pragmatic and grounded conviction that starting with hope and acting out of hope…

Amory Lovins

Physicist Amory Lovins (1947– ) is Cofounder (1982) and Chairman Emeritus (Chief Scientist 2007–19) of Rocky Mountain Institute:

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