I unlock the door. The sun won’t be up for another two hours at least. That means I have one hour before he gets here. And I have to have his small black coffee ready.

Welcome to being the store opener at Dunkin Donuts. You have the glory and power of unlocking the doors, stocking donuts, and putting on the day’s first pot of coffee. Bruce walks in with his blue Henley and mesh ball cap. He’s retired, but he still helps his daughter manage a barn of horses, so his shirt has nicks here and there. I assume from when it got snagged on a nail or Mr Ed thought that stray piece of straw stuck to the polyester-blend Henley was fair game.

I hand him his small black coffee and he asks for some Munchkins today. I grab a couple with him — another perk of the job. A moment of stillness while my brain wakes up with the help of caffeine and sugar. “Doesn’t look too bright out there today,” says Bruce, “I’ll have to move the rest of that hay inside soon.”

He heads out the door and I chug the rest of my coffee. It won’t be exactly sunshine inside or outside today. Hannah is working today.

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