CIS 363B BLOG wk 1

What are some of the things that you take in to account when evaluating a Web site?

There are several things that I consider when evaluating a website. These are important because they influence my decision whether to return to the site or not. One of the things to consider is the relevancy. Is the topic discussed in the website appropriate to my needs on what I am researching and how easy is to navigate to get that information that I am seeking. Chances are if a website is not easy to navigate, you will not be a return visitor.

Another point is authority. Is the author qualified to be able to write on the topic discussed on the site. What are their credentials and who are they affiliated to? This helps bring credibility to whatever the author is trying to put across in their site.

Accuracy is also important. Today there are many sites that offer information just to put out information out there. We see this in gossip site, new sites and many other site that are not well researched and cited if necessary. Accuracy in information will bring back regular visitors to the site because of a good track record. Also, is the site well organized and well written. Spelling mistakes and not following a design scheme limits the number of people you hope to reach through your site

Some of the things that I dislike in website is difficulty in navigation. If it takes too long for you to navigate to finally arrive to where you want to be then that is a problem for me. I also dislike busy, all colorful sites. Information overload is something I hope to avoid even as I go through this class and design my site. Simple and straight forward is what I aim for.

Week 1 thoughts

Week 1 was a bit hard trying to figure out the week’s lesson on how to attach images and just getting my general bearings on what the course required. Once I read the text for the week and watched the videos provided, I found it very interesting to come up with the solutions. It makes me excited to see what lies ahead.

Course Project

The project I decided on involves creating a website for a charity organization from my home country, Kenya. On a visit I had home, I went to a children’s home to help and volunteer wherever they wanted me to do so. Looking around I realized that they had a need to put their name out there and the services they offer. Also, they needed to have a medium whereby if someone wanted to donate to their cause, they could just do that on their site. The site would have a donations area, projects undertaken, contact information and the history of the charity organization. It would have to be easy to navigate with little clatter so as to give the visitor a good experience encouraging them to come back again.

Please feel free to comment and give whatever input that will better this course.

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