German Water Technologies ltd [GWT] main branch is in Germany and Bangkok but now focusing on starting this in Africa. The main idea is to provide clean and safe water for drinking in the country and also avail water where there is lack of it. Our plan is to install the systems in schools and hospitals found in rural areas for free to ensure good living standards of water are available in the World through our systems.


Half of the Kenya’s population uses contaminated water.In rural areas, there are few sources of clean water and most people use unclean water.
Its common to see people filling their water cans or plastic bottles out of ditches and potholes in the road.
 Arid and semi-arid areas have salty water which is not good for human consumption.

Due to water insufficiency some people have to travel long distances to access water Sources.

Our GWT systems cater for this problems. They are solar powered, automatic water disinfection systems for up to 24000 Litres of clean,pure safe water.
There no chemical processes involved. 
Based that they use solar, they are good for rural areas without electricity power supply.
The systems are well designed for easy maintenance and almost zero running cost.

They are good for schools,hospitals and buildings.

Who we are

Our vision is potable tap water everywhere on earth.

GWT — German Water Technologies Ltd. is funded by the German Protoplan GmbH and the Thailand Intec Solar Ltd. in 2014. Protoplan has a large experience in water production and disinfection as well as in project and start up management. Intec Solar Ltd. has a wide expertice in solar energy and is well known in the South East Asian market.

Together with German electrolytic and industrial design experts GWT developed the INTEWA-system. Our German

technology guarantees the best quality standard and the most reliable production of potable water, and the German productivity guarantees the best price and a long product lifecycle.

Our vision is potable tap water everywhere on earth. We are sure that this will come true, and we want to do our best to create this vison faster. We want to minimize or even delete water based deseases and contribute to a safer, more healthy and wealthy world.


The INTEWA system in this water tower is making all the water drinkable. The water is controlled every 10 seconds and INTEWA is adjustng itself automatically on eventually occuring infections.

Automatic disinfection without adding chemicals — the chlorine is produced by an electrolysis cell out of the minerals in the water

Automatic adjustment of chlorine production through permanent monitoring of the water qualitiy

Remote monitoring via integrated GSM module

Alarm function to smartphone or control room

Only solar energy needed, but also on grid production is possible

Automatic residual disinfection according to national laws and WHO reccomendation

Eliminate waterborne diseases for children is a very important duty. Children learn how water can be safe and will have a driving motivation for future development.

In addition schools can sell water (in 20 ltr. bottles) and earn some money to top up their budget.

Please feel free to ask us about our current projects and our school solutions:


Health Benefits

Leaving the minerals in the water

The water produced by INTEWA is leaving the essential minerals in the water. Conventional systems like RO systems (reverse osmosis) are filtering out all life essential minerals from the water. Reverse osmosis water is dead water, with no use for the body. As water is a nutrition it shall contain the minerals that the body need for basic health. Drinking too much reverse osmosis water is suspected to cause mineral lack based diseases.

Bacteria free, Virus free, Legionella free, Protozoa free …

INTEWA is disinfecting automatically. The sensor in the freshwater tank is detecting signs for bacterias, viruses, legionellas and protozoas in the water. The system is automatically reacting and producing the disinfectant which is needed to kill all bacterias.

Be safe, feel free, drink and dont worry about waterborne diseases!

‘People are concerned about disinfection by heavy metals and trace substances but still die of cholera. Pathogen removal is of most important concern to assure safe drinking water conditions’.John Fawell, drinking water expert and coordinator for the WHO guidelines for drinking water quality, World Health Organisation.


We offer all the technical support that you need

Our German technology is providing the best quality standard.

To assure a quality product though it is necessary that solid and good quality installation is provided. We can help you to find solutions for your local water situation. To support the customers we offer various technical support.

Local technical support by native speakers
To be able to create a perfect water system on your location, we take care that the work is done by reliable, native speaking technicians.

Installation training and consulting

To install the INTEWA system we provide you wilh all the know how you need.

Monitoring software installation training
The quality of the water is constantly monitored online. We train you to monitor the INTEWA system and react in the right way to maintain the water supply.

How it Works

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