I don’t think the issue is making MORE companies and lowering the bar further, but in making MORE BETTER companies that change the game within industries and truly make the world a better place.
Bryce, I think the fundamental question is whether one views the current circumstance as a supply…
Roger Ehrenberg

I agree that this is a challenge to creating more value. There are two questions related to that “more better companies” with huge returns challenge:

  1. How many large industry segments can be disrupted — is it a matter of enabling and achieving the creation these great companies, or the “supply” of true opportunity for large scale innovation & disruption and how many new successful companies it can accomodate?
  2. True disruption takes time, not just due to tech maturity but industry and market adoption at scale. Does the venture capital community have the risk tolerance for many more large scale, long term risky bets? Does it fit with the current funding models?
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