Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

You are a tool of the lowest order. I want to assure you that Sanders supporters are not the sheep you and your corrupt democrats keep trying to turn us into, without success. This article will be shared widely within the progressive community to further indicate how you and your corrupt democratic sellouts continuously attempt to use progressives as it suits you then push them aside (not giving us a voice) once you’ve reached your questionable goals. We will be relentless in our pursuit to expose the likes of you, and your democrat cohorts (regardless of what Senator Sanders says or does.) It’s not at all surprising that you are audacious enough to ask the Senator to rally his supporters for your ends after witnessing the the level to which the likes of you, your candidate of choice, and those who backed her have been willing to stoop in order to try UNSUCCESSFULLY to get her elected. Not to mention the lies purported in the aftermath to deviate from the corruption and debauchery you were all caught in. You have the nerve to speak of protecting the most vulnerable from your perch on high using this group once again as it suits you (just like your candidate does) and then throwing them under the bus time and again. Is that why you want the most vulnerable constituency to stick with the Democrats, so we can get thrown under the bus once they’re through with using us for political points. Is that why President Obama put Social Security on the table during his “grand bargain” phase in 2011/12? Is that why we did not get a healthcare for all or even a public option in the ACA? Is that why no one in the previous admin. was prosecuted (instead we were told to look forward.) Is that why no one on Wall Street was prosecuted, after destroying countless lives? All this and much more indicates the lack of support Democrats have given to “the most vulnerable” Are you aware Mr. Brock that for most of President Obama’s time in office no Social Security COLA (of .03%!) was given to “the most vulnerable” the elderly and disabled. Are you aware that we have a population of millions of homeless people in this country (including children) MILLIONS- in the wealthiest country on earth. A country that builds prisons (FOR PROFIT) instead of affordable housing. How dare you talk about defending the most vulnerable. The democrats have become so efficient in their lip service they actually think they represent people. Action/inaction speaks louder then words. I’m sure you are aware of the various incidents that took place at your coronation, I mean convention. You yourself may have been involved with coordination on some level. Did you know that thousands of Senator Sander’s supporters spent their own money, took time off work, drove cross country, left their families, in order to attend? Are you aware of how these people were treated once there? These Sanders supporters whom you now expect to“unite with democrats” were silenced, demeaned, ridiculed, and ignored. Furthermore are you familiar with how Senator Sander’s grass roots campaign was started, and by whom? Non other then the people from the Occupy movement. Did you know that the propaganda campaign initiated by your DEMOCRATS is now alluding to these AMERICAN CITIZENS being somehow affiliated with Russians? These are the same people whom were brutally attacked by police all over the country with a democratic President, democratic governors, and Secretary of State, also a democrat. HOW DARE YOU ask for support from people that your Democratic Party has consistently betrayed! If you DEMOCRAT weasels don’t think you lost enough credibility and positions all over the country in 2016 be prepared for more of the same in 2020. People’s lives are not your toys to play with. To all elected democrats, shape up or ship out.

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