I like watching pewdiepie videos, and sometimes even his humour. The way he maturely handled attacks from WSJ was really appreciable! But this text is not about how good his videos are, neither against him, this text explains how pewdiepie smartly promoted a website that distributes pirated content over torrents.

Watch full video here .

Yes, If you watch his last video, dated 27th Feb 2017, he told his audience about “THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME”. The movie he talks about is THE ROOM which was released in 2003 produced by Tommy Wiseau. Imdb rating over the movie is 3.7.

pewdiepie suggests his viewers to watch the movie as it is really hilarious and funny, and ask to check discription for its link.

Link, do not direct to any online shopping website, rather it directs to a website which distributes free pirated movies(even the latest ones).

Its self explanatory, pewdiepie’s stunt to direct his viewers to the site was not to promote THE ROOM, but to promote website.

This is something every viewer including me took for granted, to click link and actually start downloading THE ROOM. This was really smart pewdiepie and I think that every of your viewers and fan must know about it.

Just to make this “promotion” process transparent, I wrote this, people and bro-army must know about this. *brofist*