Wireless Range Extender Setup

Amped wireless wifi range extender setup helps the user to enlarge the range of the wireless network. Smart security features provide then full accessibility to the user for controlling the extender.

This range extender contains the LEDs which helps the user to locate the extender in its best position.
For the setup of Amped wireless range extender, one can use the web address

This web address will work in an offline mode. besides that, the user can also perform the Amped wireless range extender setup with the help of IP address
The will only work when the user’s device is connected to the range extender. It is very simple and easy to access with the help of URL

Steps to perform the amped wireless range extender setup.

The foremost job is to start connecting any of the devices to the amped wireless extender with the help of Ethernet cable or you can use the Wi-Fi.
Open your desired web browser and enter or you can use
Now, the user will able to see the amped extender dashboard.
After that, click on the scan now option. Wait until it gets finished.
From the displayed list, choose the home Wi-Fi network.
Enter the credential for Wi-Fi security and click to the continue button.
Wait for a minute, to connect the amped Wi-Fi extender with the router.
Once it gets connected, it states that you are done with the amped wireless range extender setup.

what to do if the user fails to access with

Sometimes, it can be noticed when the user fails to access the setup URL Suddenly,
the page will display with an error message ‘the page cannot be displayed’ or ‘bad gateway error’.
Then, in that situation, the user needs to make sure that whether the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the user’s computer.
Secondly, the user needs to avoid connecting the computer wirelessly with the amped router. Let’s suppose the computer is connected with any other wireless router,
then initially try to disable the Wi-Fi adapter of the computer. Afterward, make sure whether the firewall programs are disabled or not.

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