day 100 — code 365

Mon 21 Mar 2016

WDI Week 5 (Day 21)

Things we did today:

  1. Warmup: Roman > Arabic numerals (Ruby)
  2. Active Record: Associations
  3. Rails: RESTful MVC, Scaffold, Routes, Controllers, Views
  4. Lab: Stock and Movie App
  5. Homework: Games on Rails

The warmup exercise was interesting — we placed the code inside of a Ruby Class, which was useful in figuring out (a bit more) about how things work inside of Classes — like how variables aren’t handed down to new instances unless they are class variables (@@like_this), and how we can hand data (like hashes) down by placing them inside methods (which, when called, simply return that hash).


Added ERB package for Emmet:

Control + Shift + .

adds <% %> automatically!


Can’t style option elements in CSS (in Chrome) :(

An alternative is to use ul > li and then use jQuery to display the list upon clicking.


Figure out how long since last reboot


Figure out who’s logged on:



Ruby helper method



Today we continued on with making simple web apps with routes — mainly interacting through forms — get methods — no database interaction yet — that’s for tomorrow. This was exciting — the separation of concerns (with separate routes.rb, controller folders, view folders) — awesome.

We made a “Game Wall” app for homework — using forms and routing to create ‘Magic 8 Ball’, ‘Guess the number’, and ‘Scissors Paper Rock’ games.

Looking forward to working with Databases tomorrow!

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