day 125 — code 365

Fri 15 Apr 2016

WDI Week 8 (Day 40)

What we did today:

  1. Burning Airlines — Demos
  2. Project 2 — Proposals

Burning Airlines

Some awesome implementations of burning airlines:

  • CSS seats, plane hull
  • aisles, responsive to number of columns
  • dark grey cloudy, clean UI
  • airports in drop down menus
  • nice styling for select drop down element
  • using (‘element’).offset().top to position exit signs!
  • using ranges in Ruby to generate seed data
  • using errors in Rails to check if a seat is already taken (backend validation) to take into account the delay between client (browser) and the database

Project 2

I’m in a group of 3 for Project 2 — we’re going to be building a web application tentatively called BuddyUP. We want to connect people who want to achieve a certain goal — eg. losing weight — to someone else in the world who wants to achieve that same goal!

We did some brainstorming, sketched out our models and associations on paper, and created a new Rails app and GitHub repo.

We’re going to spend this weekend doing more reading and research — and attempt to do this collaboratively online. We’ve set up a shared notebook on Evernote, a shared channel on Slack… onwards!

Thanks for stopping by!