day 155 — code 365

Tue 17 May 2016

A frustrating day for me today! I finished a very basic web portfolio using React (which was quite satisfying!). However, when I deployed it to my domain, all I got was a blank screen… and the same for when I used the gh-pages branch on GitHub. My understanding of how React works was too low to figure out where to start debugging this problem. I made a few attempts, and searched on Stackoverflow for help, to no avail. But this affirmed to me that I’d really just made a Clayton type web page — shoehorning good intentions into a very unfamiliar environment. I suspect that problem probably lies in having a proper build process — I was loading 3 separate files in my <head> tag: react.js, react-dom.js, react-router.js — instead of using Webpack or something similar…?

Even writing that made me feeling like I’m still dancing in the dark.

Anyway, I decided to abandon ship. I started afresh, and started coding a single page app using Backbone. Then, I realised that I would be using a lot of templating (and writing a lot of html in my index.html) and I wouldn’t be harnessing the backend capabilities of Backbone. And, I really wanted to try implementing some swipe functionality to my app. I decided to scrap this effort too, and ended up coding my site using jQuery, and using jQuery Mobile for its swipe event handler.

So, a lot of disappointment, but I hope I’ll look back on my code in the future and realise — hey, oh gosh, that was me? High five for effort…

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