day 205 — code 365

Wed 06 Jul 2016


I watched a second video by MPJ — on Functional Programming (1 in a series of 6). I was initially going to watch his video on Factory Functions, but he recommended that the video on Closures be watched first (which is video 5 in the Functional Programming series, so I decided to watch the whole series).

It was really good — very clear, and the main line that has stuck in my head is that:

Functions are values.

I’m going to start a repo on GitHub, where I will make notes on all the videos I watch — I will write them here in Ulysses (which I would do anyway), copy the markdown into .md files, and also write the code in .js files (so I can just copy and paste them into Ulysses) — and keep it all organised in that repo!


I changed my shell to zsh from bash!

This was a particularly helpful tutorial:

I then also installed oh-my-zsh:

And then I installed the bullet train theme:

There are still a few problems (I think there are missing glyphs, because I’m getting some ? in the prompt, and there is no nice arrow edge to the prompt bar, but it’s a start!

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