day 261 — code 365

Wed 31 Aug 2016


Spent today fixing UI bugs — wiring up components to work properly with actions that had been changed, and a few other related matters. Am still finding Enzyme a bit frustrating at times — not completely across their API. This made me realise that I really want to invest more time into learning more about server-side development — I feel like a lot of front-end development is about learning various APIs, whereas server-side development is about developing the company’s API, which I feel would be quite satisfying.


Spent a bit of time pair programming today — there was an addition that needed to be made to one of our API endpoints, and it was interesting to see how one of my colleagues approached the problem. They were much more familiar with our API, and the problem was solved rather quickly. I didn’t understanding the logic flow completely, but it reaffirmed to me that it is really important that I invest more time into this part of the codebase.

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