day 274 — code 365

Tue 13 Sep 2016


Another shortcut: scroll by page:

Fn + Shift + Arrow

Much more efficient than scrolling / flicking with the mouse(pad)!

Also, by doing a FIND, and typing in .. and the first character of the parent directory you’re in, we can quickly scroll back up to the last prompt!


Continued working on implementing more complex queries. I’m still finding the API quite complex, but I’m reminded that it’s important to figure out the top-level logic, instead of doing a scatter-gun approach for figuring out a successful query structure.


We finished another sprint today, and had our retrospective. It was encouraging to reflect over what we accomplished as a team, and to plan ahead — although I feel a bit daunted at the tickets drafted out for this sprint. Slow and steady may not always win the race — delivering and velocity are important too… onwards!

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