day 326 — code 365

Fri 04 Nov 2016


Another day spent primarily bug-fixing and putting out fires. Most of our team were put onto this, as a priority, and it was satisfying to be able to work together, and see the number of outstanding cards progressively reduce. This meant that no-one was getting bogged down or stuck, and this absence of collective frustration was awesome.

I am looking forward to being able to focus on feature-building work soon, the last several days have really emphasised to me the importance of writing good quality code (whilst maintaining reasonable velocity, and accepting that bugs will appear), to reduce the amount of bug-fixing (and duplicate work) later on… and the impact on team morale and business velocity.


I learnt something more about type coercion today. I was need to transform a string into a number

For this:

const price = props.details.get('price');

This didn’t work:

const price = +(props.details.get('price');

But this did:

const price = Number(props.details.get('price');

It seems that Number is much more reliable at coercing?

I’ll have to keep looking into this…


I found out that in my Terminal (which is zsh), when I double click a file name, it copies it!

So I can do:

ll # get all files
cd # then double click, then enter