day 359 — code 365

Wed 07 Dec 2016


I got to see a really awesome implementation of auto-documentation of a new API today — one of my colleagues used this:

to describe, validate, and document a new endpoint! And then, using this theme to render the documentation!

Very, very cool.


I finally figured out how to enable React Router to use a nested query object.

Essentially, instead of using browserHistory from react-router, we use useRouterHistory instead. We have to do some other things, like pass in parse and stringify from the qs module (React Router uses querystring), but once it’s set up, it’s awesome. We can pass in a location object like this:

const location = {
pathname: '/new-path',
query: {
pageSize: 10,
sortBy: {
firstName: 'asc',

And then:



Not entirely sure why this doesn’t come “for free” with React Router, but I suspect it was because of certain architectural / design decisions by its creators / maintainers.

Anyway, it was great to figure out how to extend an existing module to make it work for our use case!

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