day 49 — code365

Sat 30 Jan 2016

Haven’t posted to Medium in ages!

But I’ve been keeping at coding (mostly) every day…

I have been writing short notes in Ulysses though, but decided not to post them to Medium because:

  1. the notes were sometimes: “No coding today”
  2. the notes were boring: does “did a few more tutorials on Codecademy” sound interesting?
  3. I’d spent long enough documenting tips / notes elsewhere in Ulysses / Brackets, and I didn’t feel like summarising them neatly into my code365 journal
  4. I’m lazy

Well, I’ve also realised that point-form is better than no-content… so here’s a list of what I’ve been doing:

  1. Continued on Free Code Camp. I’m now to to Challenge 263! And I’ve finished the first batch of required challenges (Algorithms). I want to write more about FCC in the near future, but suffice to say that it’s awesome, and I wish I’d joined / poured effort in much earlier. I feel more comfortable with some things (like `return` in functions), and I’ve learnt a lot of new things (like, regular expressions, and array and string methods).
  2. Finished my Project 5 for Udacity Front End Development Nanodegree. It’s a single neighbourhood cafe web app. Want to write more about this soon too. Learnt how to use Gulp and KnockoutJS for this too!
  3. Finished the pre-work for the upcoming Web Development Immersive with General Assembly. This was 6 tutorials in the command line, version control, and JavaScript.
  4. Signed up for a free account at Codepen. I didn’t know there was a free option, until FCC stipulated that I join (for the next set of challenges)… I really wish I’d known about this earlier!

And here’s a right-now list of things I want to learn (but probably don’t have time for right-now (but is that a sign that I should just be making time?!)):

  1. MongoDB, so I can store and retrieve information from a database for my web apps
  2. ruby and Ruby on Rails, but this will be covered in the WDI

Anyway, I hope all is going well with your own endeavours, and thanks for stopping by!

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