Day 66 — code 365

Been learning and doing more coding, and more consistently — trying to code a bit every day. I think this has helped — I feel that I’m able to interpret code easier and faster.

I’ve also been musing about my life — probably because my General Assembly course (the Web Development Immersive) starts next week, and the whole gotta-get-a-job soon thing has been weighing on my heart.

It made me think of this quote:

Choose a vocation that hurts your head, but not your heart.

I think that sums up quite well why I left medicine. It was hurting my heart too much / in the wrong way, and it was hurting my head not enough / in the wrong way.

I’m still very excited about continuing on in web development and graphic design. There’s certainly a lot of anxiety mixed in as well, but I feel that my heart is in better shape.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to in coding:

  1. I’m up to Challenge 300 in Free Code Camp!
  2. Made a simple web app that delivers a list of Wikipedia articles (Angular)
  3. Made a simple web app that checks if certain users on are online (jQuery)
  4. Made a simple web app that delivers the weather based on the user’s location
  5. Continuing to learn about Regex — Challenge 301 on FCC is about validating US phone numbers. My code passed, but I think it needed to be more systematic.
  6. Playing around with map, filter, and reduce methods for arrays – complicated, and anti-intuitive for me — but I feel like I’m getting there…

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!