day 72 — code 365

Mon 22 Feb 2016

My first day at General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive! Feeling a mix of excitement and apprehensiveness about embarking on something new. Also feeling the pressure of securing a job in the (now, quite near) future — this is definitely something that I am setting as a concrete metric.

Things we covered today:

  1. Talk about immersive learning and the realities of web development and (wider) programming
  2. Intro to using the command line
  3. Concept of a shell, and a terminal emulator
  4. basic bash commands — navigation, moving and creating files and directories,grep, head, tail
  5. Install iTerm2: another terminal emulator (like Terminal, but better)

Example of lesson learnt:

head -n 40 my_file | tail -n 1

Will give me line 40 of the file my_file


  1. Solve a mystery through the command line: the Terminal City Murderer!

Try to solve the mystery, and thanks for stopping by!