day 74 — code 365

Wed 24 Feb 2016

  1. Review of statements, expressions, operators, arguments, parameters, return values
  2. Conditionals (if, else)
  3. Loops (for, while)
  4. Collections (arrays)

Specific things I learnt:

console.log(var, 'string');

Is another way of logging things: no need to type +, and no need to add spaces!!! However, it looks ‘less nice’…

Realised why code beautifiers nest else and elseif’s are nested next to the preceding closing curly bracket — they are part of the one statement.

An interesting table of truthys (?truthies) and falsys (?falsies)…


One of the tasks was to create a Hangman game (to play in the console). Interesting and tough; I don’t think I wrote very efficient / elegant code.

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