Among the many things that have changed with confinement are the mental strain on women and the resulting exhaustion. Having heard testimonials from women around me or from psych teleconsultation patients, I notice that many women are concerned.

Do housework and teaching after 6 weeks talk about it?

First, there…

To the question “What is love? », It is often difficult to answer. We also say: I love chocolates, I love this painting, I love fashion, I love my children or … I love my partner in love. So semantically, the word is confusing.

And then, just add a word…

One of my favorite theories in psychology is the theory of resilience, a concept developed in the 90s by Boris Cyrulnik. You may have heard of this term, but do you know exactly what it means and where it comes from?

In physics, resilience is the resistance of materials to…

Arett Utweint

Learner idealist

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