Weekly Reports~8.21

Hello. I am Yamaguchi, an employee of AMPLE! We will report a part of the progress of the project this week. This time we will briefly introduce.

“About A! Fes # 2 @ Sapporo”
“Cosplay photo of this week”

<About A! Fes # 2 @ Sapporo>

Members are struggling with the task for the success of the event in the remaining weeks until the event held on the 26th of this month.
I would like to review the event contents this time.

● Event overview

Date and time: August 26, 2018 15: 00 ~ 20: 00 (12: 00 ~ changeable room available)
Place: 1st floor of Times Building (10th Street, South 1st St. West Chuo-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 060–0061)
Capacity: 300 people

The theme of this event is “2.5 Dimension Summer Festival”.
What is 2.5 Dimension here … It is contents between 2D and 3D such as Cryptocurrency and cosplay!

-Features of the event -

● Cosplay photo session

-Unusual shooting in ruins

- Brilliant shooting with a red-based set that imaged fairies

- Both are possible!

※The photograph is an image

● Summer festival

- Yo-yo fishing, super ball scooping, face sale, fulfilling store opening of sweets picking

- We can participate easily even after joining Hoko Ten Cosplay event “SapporoCity! Satsukos” (https://satsucos.info/) held on the same day.

- We can enjoy it with a wide generation.

※The photograph is an image

● Cast

A new cast is added to the special guests above!

● Campaign etc.

A! Panel is a cosplayer profile promotional art panel that was popular in the last campaign on SNS.

The second AMPLE holding “A! Fes # 2 @ Sapporo” is an event that takes advantage of this uniqueity.
We are planning to hold events regularly from now on, but by changing venues and contents every time, I would like to draw out the color of each event from the difference in enjoyment and atmosphere.
Also, by deploying not only in Tokyo but also in rural areas, we can create opportunities to support creators throughout Japan. Those who can not participate due to access this time, please come to the event in the future!

<Cosplay photo of this week>

It is the 35 th posting from the posting start from the weekly report!
Thank you in the future.

CN:水櫻羽杏ラブライブ! School idol project

This week’s report will be over. We will continue to update it from next week, so thank you.
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