Common Health Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

Being a responsible pet parent involves paying full attention to the diet of the pet. Just food is not enough. One needs to give extra attention to the supplements for the pet as well.

One such supplement that is deemed important for dogs is fish oil supplement. The best fish oil for dogs contains EPA and DHA, which are omega-3 fatty acids. These vital components have extensive health benefits for the dogs.

Some of these benefits have been listed as under: -

Improved coat and skin: A good-quality fish oil supplement will always help in improving the skin of the dog, which in turn gives a good coat to the dog. As a pet parent who wants the best for their dogs, one must provide a regular dosage of fish oil supplements.

Relief from joint problems: Because of the physical activities dogs are generally involved in, they are at a greater risk of acquiring joint problems at a later age. However, with the regular dosage of fish oil supplements, chances of such problems can be significantly reduced.

Better mental development: Fish oil is very beneficial for female dogs, especially at the time of pregnancy. Regular and optimum dosage of these supplements helps in proper mental development of the dogs and puppies as they derive nutrition from their mothers.

Induces weight loss: Certain breeds like the Labrador retriever have a tendency to become overweight. It is essential that these breeds be provided with the best fish oil for dogs as it helps induce weight loss.

Increase in immunity: Dogs can be very prone to allergies during the change of seasons. For protection of their kidney, heart and for protection against inflammatory diseases, fish oil is a must.

Rejuvenation: In case one observes excess or unexplained fatigue in their pets, a regulated dosage of fish oil will help do away with this problem. The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in fish oil provide renewed energy to the dog and help in recovery from a lot of health problems.

The best fish oil for dogs is the one that contains concentrated forms of EPA and DHA.

The optimum amount of fish oil to be given to the dog varies for each breed. It also depends upon the body weight of the dog.

Hence, it is best to consult a veterinarian before giving supplements to the dogs.