Function of Digestive Enzymes and the Significance of Probiotics for Dogs

What are Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are basically proteins which are used for initiating and speeding up the process of digestion in dogs. These enzymes also work as catalysts to help break down food into nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the body of the canine. Such enzymes are naturally found in fruits, meats, and vegetables as well as in the digestive tracts of humans and animals.

So, what does a well-balanced diet consist of?

To begin with, a balanced diet for pets is one which includes raw and unprocessed foods that provide the required enzymes and facilitate easy and healthy digestion. This is highly essential as an imbalanced diet, along with aging and illnesses can lead to depletion of enzymes in dogs, which can lead to digestion-related issues.

This brings us to the next point —

Factors Responsible for Causing Digestive Enzyme Deficiency in Dogs

There are a number of reasons which lead to an imbalance of digestive enzymes in pets. The most common reason happens to be over-cooked and over-processed foods in which the required food enzymes get depleted.

As a result, the body of your pet is compelled to secrete more of its own enzymes, and it becomes difficult to digest the food fully.

As the dog ages, the enzyme production decreases and thus, they require special dietary supplements which help in digestion.

Animals also tend to develop a medical condition wherein the pancreas fails to produce the digestive enzymes in the required amount. When this happens, animals require probiotics for the rest of their lives for proper health and digestive balance.

What are the Symptoms of Digestive Enzyme Deficiency in Dogs?

The deficiency of digestive enzymes in dogs leads to nutrients not being fully absorbed and the end result is malnutrition. Such an event leads to low energy levels, unhealthy skin coat and greater chances of falling ill.

Deficiency of digestive enzymes can also lead to the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria which can cause a number of problems, some of which are —

  1. Weight loss
  2. Coprophagia
  3. Low energy levels
  4. Frequent diarrhea
  5. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  6. Greater volume of stool and gas

Benefits of Using Probiotics and Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Apart from feeding high-quality foods in which the enzymes have not been depleted, you can also add probiotic supplements in your pet’s diet.

In most cases, such enzymes are usually in the form of capsules or powders which can be easily ingested. They also help in restoring the level of healthy bacteria which are present in the intestinal tract. This betters digestion and improves the energy levels as well.