Gratify introduces an affiliate program!

Share Gratify with friends, earn revenue.

I have seen the successes of affiliate marketing first-hand. It’s how I got my first iPod. While sites like are no longer around, Gratify is here to stay.

Gratify’s affiliate goal is simple: share Gratify, earn revenue.

Affiliate Program Details:

  1. Give $10, Earn $10 — share Gratify with a friend who off-boards a task. You will both receive $10.
  2. 25% of our take on every transaction — we will give you 25% of our take (4%) from every payment your friend makes on Gratify. No cap.

There is no limit on the amount of friends you can refer. You can deposit your funds to your connected stripe account by messaging gratifyguy ‘withdraw’. You can access your affiliate link by messaging gratifyguy ‘invite friends’.

If you’re not yet a Gratify member, join here.

Written by

Software engineer. Musician. Co-founder // Gratify.AI

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