Contemporary, Minimalistic and Diverse

Megan Slack

Introducing ZARAMIA AVA, Leeds’ latest upcoming independent fashion brand, which offers an exclusive mix of sustainable, genderless and thoroughly contemporary style. Perfectly summed up as style ‘made for the fashion conscious with a conscience’, ZARAMIA AVA leaves nothing to waste, meaning her material in her MMXVIII collection spans from end of roll fabric, to organic cotton and bamboo.

Stemmed from ZaraMia Ava’s desires to change the fashion available to her on the high street, the Leeds Collage of Art student began making her own clothes, which was the birth of ZARAMIA AVA.

We spoke to ZaraMia Ava who shared how her brand has grown from its roots, saying:

“While studying Art at college I realised that when I went shopping, I wanted to change the garments that were available in the shops, so I started altering clothing then making my own. I had so many compliments wearing the clothing, people wanted me to make them garments, so I thought I could make a business out of doing what I love, the brand started and grew from there.”

Now a first-class Fashion graduate, ZaraMia’s brand has grown to be among the biggest independent fashion brands in the city.

As a designer, ZaraMia Ava is the driving force behind every ethical decision her brand promotes, from resurrecting landfill, standing against slave labour and animal cruelty, ZaraMia promises that her collection offer’s even more than standout contemporary fashion.

It is in fact, a new generation of fashion, which begins by sources locally, produces in the UK and is fighting for current issues around the world. Similarly, ZaraMia sets her collection aside from the mass produced high street fashion stores and shared how slower fashion, is better fashion saying “Our brand is contemporary high-end fashion made ethically. Not mass produced cheaply, we pride ourselves on quality & durability” she shared, “We use the end of roll fabrics, which would have otherwise gone to landfill waste, to produce limited edition garments. Our organic fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton origins are all traceable and skillfully made. The garments are all handmade locally.” 
Timeless is a term which is not to be used lightly, but in the case of ZARAMIA AVA, it is more than fitting.

The collection is timeless, both in the design and in the craftsmanship, with every piece handmade to be interchangeable, versatile and long-lasting. Fashions change with the season, but the ZARAMIA AVA pieces can be changed alongside it, as the long-lasting materials and contrasting clean colours can be adapted and worn to fit through any season to come. Perhaps, however, the most powerful way ZARAMIA AVA can be labelled as timeless is through its dedication to sustainability and saving the planet in every little way it can. Preserving our world to make sure it does not decay over time is the greatest act any fashion brand can take on. It was a just a documentary which made ZaraMia realise how far the fashion industry is responsible for destroying the planet, so she decided to make the change.

“We were a small ethical business before the rebrand using end of rolls and hand making up small quantities of clothing”

She went on to say

“after watching the True Cost Documentary, I realised how much the fashion industry destroys the planet and that being a fashion designer, I can do more by making changes to improve on what I can do and make a real difference. I can prove that ethical fashion can look contemporary and modern.”

There is even more to ZARAMIA AVA than her bold patterns, modern block colours and contemporary contrasts, as the brand is taking a leading role in the world of independent fashion, promoting a cruelty-free and sustainable industry which is only going to get bigger from here.

Special thanks to ZaraMia Ava, Models for the MMXVIII collection Stacie Sylvester and Nick Slack, Photographer Sean Grant Jukes and Cruelty-Free makeup artist Charlotte Hubbard.