Influencer marketing 101 — Why bloggers are not enough

Trends appear, evolve and disappear rapidly and not following every trendy thing that pops up or your competition is doing is fine as long as you have defined a strategy that works for you and your brand. Although it may be hard to believe if you’re a digital marketer that some brands still struggle with social media, it’s true.

It’s the same for collaborations with KOLs. While paying a large fee to a celebrity is fine, paying a fee to a blogger is still unimaginable for some. Even if you’ve managed to convince your bosses or your client that it’s worth it by showing them tremendous amounts of data that supports your proposal, you’ll soon be fighting another battle.

Social media is fine. Celebrities and bloggers are fine. But both are so last year. Or 2 years ago. Or 5. It’s time to jump on the influencer marketing trend, and it’s now or never.

While many major brands are exploring this new way of attracting audiences for quite some time now, not many have jumped od the digital influencers trend just yet. In short, influencer marketing is a form of marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential buyers.

These so-called digital influencers are not celebrities or bloggers. They don’t usually have hundreds of thousands of followers either. So, why would you pay them money to work with them?

Digital influencers should be a long term investment for the brand. You can get pretty much any celebrity to ‘snap’ your product for a certain amount of money but will you reach your target audience in the end? Will they actually go to your website and buy the product? When the snap disappears into thin air after 24 hours, how much is left for your brand?

While influencers don’t have millions of followers, their followers trust them. They are just every day people and therefor more relatable to your potential customers. They’re one of them, just with a bigger influence who is not solely based on the number of followers but the engagement and the relationship.

In the search of the perfect digital influencer for your brand, take a look at the numbers but base your decision on influencer’s expertise on the specific industry and the relationship they have with their audience. Maybe they have only ten thousand followers, but if one fifth of them eventually buys your product, you win! Not to mention that for a fee you’d pay a celebrity to promote your brand you can establish long term collaborations with numerous influencers. Maybe you won’t reach as much people, but always choose quality over quantity.

At the end of the day, it’s all about ROI.