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The youtube serps are shot to hell with Ruptly and other scalding hot fake news features. They’re at the top. There are dozens of them. They are the official truth to millions of impressionable people. A number of them will take it on board. It will get around in conversations becaues they’re using the old tropes, the stuff youc an deal with in the pub.

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Toxic negotiations, same as. Putin sees a weak spot and he’s pushing his asset to push the Canadians out of the trade alliance to weaken them. Canada has strong claims in the North polar regions and is a direct competitor to Russia in the coming mining bonanza…

I was quite taken by the photos of this fab place in Brussels that seemed like the answer to all my prayers. I went through the stages of booking until at the last minute, I smelled a rat! “This is a scam!” I thought, and I was right.



Sometimes it seems that all of public policy is framed as a tagline. In the middle of a blind alley war in Vietnam/Cambodia, as a twist on domestic policy for electioneering purposes, Richard Nixon launched the War on Drugs in 1971. …

Social media tries to turn war into kitsch, but history’s pendulum has a lethal sway greater than any culture. 

I have spent years putting together a modest catalog of around, say, 11,000 tweets. I’ve been merrily sharing my trivialities and profundities in equal #truncations with the world since 2007. …

Well it’s the end of S09 already but is the king crab of reality TV caught in a pinch?

It’s an interesting question as per Reddit, but no, IMHO it’s not jumped the shark and I’ll tell you why:

  • Things are different now but they’re still the same. This is just a reality TV soap opera at sea. …

Set the standard and you’ll raise it

Medium is a pretty blog for sure. By throttling entrants it can shape demand. I just got my invite. See, I called it “my invite”. I treat it like a proud gift.

Jaded blogging

User Interface is all important. I get jaded on some blogging platforms and confused on others. With a…

In the forests of the night

What immortal hand or eye

Could Frame thy fearful symmetry?


Less is

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