Going Adobe-free
Hans van de Bruggen

These are all great ideas, but they’re all Mac-only ideas, thus anyone on Windows or Linux are left out. Until programs like Sketch and Affinity Designer become available for other platforms, then I can’t take them seriously. I’ve had some jokingly say “drink the Kool-Aid”, but I have yet to see any real benefit of owning one platform over another…especially at the prices for Macs.

HOWEVER, I will add that beyond Photoshop I really don’t use any Adobe products. I gave up Illustrator for InkSkape, gave up Dreamweaver for Sublime Text, and while it’s not Adobe, I gave up MS Office for Google Drive. Photoshop I still find to be superior to my other choice, but if Sketch happens to come to Windows, then I might change my mind.

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