Dream Journal 2019 (ABRIDGED)

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Jan 6 · 54 min read

Dream Journal 2019




February 8th

Some David vs. Goliath type fight. I had to fight a very muscular lean tall blonde guy (Samson?) who was injured in some way. He was wearing my adidas t-shirt with all the cleats on it. Someone (Girls) pulled it off for him.

February 9th

Bought a bike. Mom brought it to an auction, ended up spending another $10 on it. Dani and her friend ran a boutique jewellery shop and I went with Mom.

February 11th

Black girlfriend. She was satisfying more than the typical dream. May have cum a bit. She told me to be patient as she dressed up as Santa Clause to do a strip tease.

February 12th

Didn’t sleep well (watched a movie too late). Vaguely remember taking care of a girlfriend that was too drunk.

February 13th

Was at a store (something like a mix between Carrefour and Chapters) and wanted to buy a Picasso manga. Last copy, store closing. Cashier took my 5, gave me another, and then gave me 16 dollars in toonies.

Later I’m at my parents. We live now in a spacious cavern. I introduce SN. He’s talking my Mom’s ears off before he gets in the shower.

I also vaguely remember steak, and having to make a decision to come home or not.

February 15th

Can’t remember…I believe it involved German Lina in some way.

*Now I remember.

Something to do with a college party. Young thirsty college girls. All of them blonde.

“You can have your pick”

I believe DD brought me there. We were hanging out with some rappers.

February 17th

I remember specifically one exchange;

“You can’t put that in coffee!”

“You can put anything in coffee.”

February 18th

I remember having to do a school assignment. I believe DA was with me. It was something audio-related. Pro-tools, but I only had the free version.

DB came over and left his brown jacket. Then I see him smoking a joint and hopping on a moto. Supposedly the joint was from Jagger.

I also vaguely remember having a new living situation + new roommate.

The garage at Firglen was massive, I was like a little kid.

February 19th

I was in a class, a sort of seminar, we were all small children sitting underneath tables.

The teacher was Pablo Picasso. I told him I can speak Spanish, that I used to eat polvorónes and turrón, etc.

David Roommate was there. All the other students started yelling at him calling him selfish.

He revealed to me that it’s true, but he can’t help it, he wants a Lotus.

February 20th

Map of Spain reversed. A real medieval vibe. Real Elder scrolls. Andalucía was called ‘Wells’

I remember being with AL´s family, taking a family picture of them all in a pool.

My family had a big pool too. Eating pizza, joking about disowning my Sisters (leaving them at a TD Bank for a nap).

February 21st

Can’t remember right now…But I know I had one.

I think I was a specialist of some sort.

February 22nd

I was in a classroom. Maybe on a spaceship.

Canadian national anthem came on. I got emotional and patriotic.

I also remember talking to a friend and a sexual encounter with a female.

I remember someone mocking the Nintendo Switch.

February 23rd

I was at Antonio Particulares. I asked Antonio if he wanted to do another class tomorrow (it was a Thursday).

His response was “You playing with my balls” or “Quieres tocar mis juevos” or something to that effect — he was annoyed.

I remember being with the B´s and V and complaining about sitting and how it distorts the spine.

Then it became a heist-like dream, me, my family, and some other people were in this building. Perhaps stealing stuff, or letting the water run on the top floor.

I left the group for a moment and found my old GameBoy Colour. Started playing Pokémon on it — the Pokémon from my dreams.

February 24th

I had many, but I remember 3 clearly.

1. My Mom told me I wasn’t going to make it as an author. I didn’t believe her. To prove her wrong I made cheese and went to sell it at a Chinese convenience store. Before I even sold it she was on the phone with Zia telling her I was a successful cheesemaker. The Chinese guy told me I had to do a special process before I could sell cheese. I remained determined.

2. A new line of commercials featuring artists singing with earphones on. They all sounded bad. Ty$ looked like PND and his voice was hilarious. I may have been filming.

3. In Brian Osteo’s office. Talking about inflammation in my right shoulder.

February 25th

An older lady, an art dealer came by. Fell in love with my art. Wanted to represent me. She was connected to AR in some way.

She undressed and I saw she had a penis. I told her I’d have sex with her but she has a penis. She told me she used to have a vagina but she covered it with a penis. But, she says, she still has a butthole.

Not my sort of thing, I reply.

She also complained about her boobs being too big. They were small though.

February 26th


An adventure type world…inspired by Zelda?

I believe Sifu-Sensei was in my dream.

February 27th

I was giving a synopsis of the Zelda game? 2nd night without a clear dream.

(Woke up in the middle of the night remembering clearly…should write and then go back to bed).

February 28th

Racer had a memorial B-Day party. It was really good. Everyone from grade and high school was there.

I left my phone charger the first night and the second night the store employee gave me another one.

Joey Ankles asked if I wanted to see one of the ‘clowns’ from Wu-Tang perform ‘ain’t nothin to fuck wit’

This all took place in a tiki hut/health food store/event centre.


March 1st

I was in some hic/boonie town that might have been on a spaceship.

A girl with Maria Saturday’s face but a fantastic body came into my room dressed in sexy lingerie.

I believe we have sex.

Another dream where they were holding someone’s eyes open Clockwork Orange style and making them watch Michael Jackson. Their pupils and irises turned red.

March 2nd

Had some visions but I don’t think I slept enough.

Something about…

March 3rd

I had many. Woke up in the middle of the night reminding myself what it was but now I forget. Should have written it down then.

The only one I do remember is shopping for Converse. Black ones with a grey sole. Really sick.

March 4th

A lot to do with having or trying to have sex with Sonya. Of course.

I had other dreams but I can’t remember them.

March 5th

I was part of a religious procession. I was to carry the cross, as though I were Jesus. However, hidden inside the top of the cross were bricks of cocaine. By taking part in the procession I was smuggling the drugs.

Sonya was waxing me and asking if I wish I could go 2 weeks without having to trim — of course.

March 6th

A cop was giving me some sort of advice. Something to do with disinfecting something, like fingerprints, in order to change them.

March 7th

Thugger had a new album. He had a crown of roses on his head. I was talking to V about it.

March 8th

Was watching the news. Takyon by Death Grips starts playing. The piece is on a fisherman who fell off the docks into the water. Hand was impaled stigmata-like. He kept getting out and falling back in. No one was helping.

March 9th

Once again, I woke up in the middle of the night and forgot to write it down. From what I recall, I was in a classroom of some sort.

March 10th

Sonya slept in my bed last night.

I dreamt I was in Cadiz. Had to find a new flat. I was getting shafted. New roommate made a twisted joke and I pictured him as a devil running down a fiery hall.

Then I was following DB around town on a bike. He was ignoring my questions.

I had become a call centre worker for a car insurance company. I was carrying around a stack of papers and listing the merits of my job. A nightmare.

March 11th

DB was in my dream last night again. We were at his home theatre, which was atop a waterfall.

We were eating this snack that was like a fried dough stick filled with little balls that were crunchy. I distinctly remember DB having a very uninterested attitude once again.

March 12th

First dream was James Bondy-ish.

Second I was at a party with V, AE and VC. It was in this nice Mediterranean villa. Me and VC were flirting. Then the food came out and everyone at the party crowded around the tables. But all the platters had the same soggy looking square pizza slices. I went with my plate to the little hot tubs outside on the terrace, because VC said she’d meet me there, but she never shows. Eventually I called her and in the background I could hear AE bad-mouthing me;

“We shouldn’t be friends with Anthony anymore…he’s too private.”

March 13th

A comic book about Spiderman and Carnage. Really cool.

I was at a mall and I saw Marlon working behind the counter at an ice-cream shop. The mall of my dreams was familiar.

March 14th

AR called asking if I wanted to go for pho. When we met up he told me he wished he had a woman’s body so that he could fuck me.

I told him I’d fuck him anyways.

March 15th

It was my birthday. I was with GZ and M at least. And we had these two girls with us that I wasn’t really into. They wanted to take me to a club. I wanted to find a way out.

We were at a fast food place in a mall getting a bite. I remember questioning if I should drink.

I also recall someone saying something about Young Thug having a genetic disease on his face before he got famous.

March 16th

My family had purchased a cat. It was sickly and green and hairless in patches. Just another reason I couldn’t move back in. But, they said, at least they weren’t legally grounding me in Canada like DD’s parents were.

Then I was in a Zelda-like world. My Dad sent me to collect wood. I had to go down this hill that reminded me of the ravine behind the MO’s place.

I took my paraglider down. But before I went, my Dad warned me to be careful of the locals. Sure enough, the place was infested with Bokoblins.

All-in-all, second half of dream was good.

March 17th

No dream, as far as I can remember. And if I did, it was something like Zechs Marquise and Bulma’s sister.

March 18th

I went to Peru to see AL and his family, but I could only stay one night. AE, M, AA, V and others were there.

Earlier I believe it was revealed that me and M were having a homosexual relationship. We were talking about condoms. We were with a group of people. I gave M a hug from behind, laughing and smiling and CM was there and smiled at me.

On my last night in Peru, I saw Ty$. He may have been drunk. His character seemed shady to me.

It was 8pm. I realized my plane left at 10. I wasn’t stressing at all however.

Finally I was in Ireland during some sort of revolution. I was walking along a balcony that spanned the entire building, and the curtains from all the windows were blowing in my face. I saw 3 Irish soldiers having sex with 3 Irish girls on a roof. One of the girls had really freckly skin, but was gorgeous.

March 19th

I was back living with Marlon at one point. I was annoyed but said “Oh well.”

March 20th

Thugger released a new single and video. He was wearing a nightcap or something — very feminine looking. The song and whole vibe was very homo but I loved him for it.

I also had 2 new roommates. We were doing this drug that was like a synthetic weed, but you chewed it. It was extracted from the stress hormone in soldiers’ brains. I had it in a tin. Each one was individually wrapped like bouillon. Made you feel relaxed.

March 21st

V’s dad…

We were at a sleepover?

I also recall Norman being there, showing off a T.V or something.

Then I was in a conference room with F and CG. They had read my book and were discussing it. Someone else was in that room, but I can’t remember who.

March 22nd

I met a guy who looked just like me. He was a signifier for Lelu I believe, a bit of Adam the Portuguese. Anyways we were basically on a date together. I think we went to a fancy restaurant in Miami. I remember it being kind of awkward. He had a buzzed head too.

March 23rd

I recall a stand-off between 2 beautiful women. 1 was Russian. The other, I’m not so sure. They were in evening gown, in the basement bunker of some complex, and they were both talking very…enthusiastically, exaggerated.

March 24th

What was my dream? I can’t remember.

Tonight I will have a lucid dream.

Tonight I will have a lucid dream.

Tonight I will have a lucid dream.

March 25th

1. I’m with Aly Highschool. We’re walking and talking and flirting. I think were in the Mexican Riviera. We’re lying by the beach and the tide comes in super fast and covers everything. Partly sure, Dad was there. I think to myself — “I like the west coast more”

2. A scary nightmare. A creepy doll trying to murder me. I remember talking to a girl (a school teacher?) about the possibility of lucid dreams, and how by overthinking it you will wake up — and then I did.

3. I was living with Esteban again. But he was LT’s dad. He was keeping me prisoner in his house. LT called, I went in the backyard (which was a massive lake) to do something, and then I escaped. Esteban tried chasing me but I made it. Then I jumped onto the back of a bus. I hid in the luggage. One of the passengers ratted me out. The hostess went through the luggage and found me, but said they’d take me anyways. ❤.

March 26th

In one scene, KM was naked in my bathroom (which was luxurious) and I filmed her from behind on Snapchat.

Then I went to a festival/concert with AF. It was for a guy I supposedly knew. At first, I think it was supposed to be a Spiderman movie, but then it turned out to be like a tribute/biopic.

AF left early with MP and a couple of his friends. I left soon after and met up with them. I was smoking a giant cigar of weed. AF was nervous cops would come and I told him not to worry. Sure enough, a security came a second later but I calmed him down.

Another part of the dream was with Boelo. He was creepy.

March 27th

AR made a song. In the background was a voice clip of me talking about cigarettes. He was clearly very proud of it, waiting for my praise. I told him keep it up, make another.

March 28th

I was back together with JE. She told me a story about CN. Supposedly her and her father had fallen asleep together, and when she woke up her father had a boner. So she ran to the bathroom and cut her wrists.

Then I was working at a beach. I had to swim in the ocean to connect something to a boat, and I accidentally put my phone underwater. So I swam to shore quickly to put it in some rice.

Then I believe I was on a bus with a girl that looked like Noa. She was asking me for directions. We went under tunnels and in weird loops. Finally, I think we ended up at a Mercadona. I was trying to smash.

Final part was me and Sonya lying on the couch and smashing. She was trying to kiss me, but I didn’t want to.

March 29th

I was working an office job. I was supposed to answer the phone and fill out a sheet afterwards. It was horrible.

“How long was the call?” and other questions like that.

My Mom came by the office at 2pm and I wanted to leave with her to go somewhere. But I had to work until 5pm. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I have to do this bullshit for a whole ‘nother 3 hours!”

Another part of the dream involved CM. She posted a pic on IG.

Sonya came into my room wearing a yellow bow and we cuddled together.

March 30th

Another “tower escape” type dream. I was in a massive hotel, but massive.

Me and someone else were trying to do some heist. There were severe rules we kept breaking. Jumping out of windows, and scaling down the exterior of the building.

I believe Sifu-Sensei was in my dream.

March 31st

A new movie was out and I wanted to see it. I went to the theatre to check the times. Then I stayed inside the doors and was eating an orange.

V and his mom pulled up and entered the theatre. I hid behind a newspaper as they walked past me.


April 1st

I was in a hostel. That old annoying Italian man from Granada was there, asking me questions outside the door.

Eduardo was also there. He was being gay towards me. Trying to lie down on me. He asked if I like doing stuff with boys. I told him I prefer girls.

There was also a girl in the hostel. She seemed older, but still attractive. Looked kind of like a junkie. We had a little fling.

Hostel was super-nice. I believe it had like a slide pool that was massive.

April 2nd

I was in some butt-fuck town in the middle of nowhere. I went to this comic-book store. Lady behind the counter was Asian. I was going to buy Stardust Crusaders again but I felt bad.

I was in bed with some girl. She hands me something and tells me to hold it. It’s a slimy and smelly tube.

I ask her, “What’s this?”

“My butt plug.” She tells me. I felt like my fingers were dirty for the rest of the dream.

In this town lived 2 nasty sluts. They wanted to have an orgy and fuck Racer. I go to the orgy and I see one of them fucking Racer’s face. Supposedly she had a penis. Racer’s body was very tiny and frail. And he kept gagging. It was horrible. Everyone at this orgy was lying on blankets.

I didn’t want to take part.

April 3rd

I was teaching the OSM class but at my house in the Bridge.

I told them I’d be right back and started BBQ’ing in the garage. There was a river in the backyard. By the time I went up, they were gone. My Mom said she saw them leave. Luckily, the clocks were all off, so it didn’t look too bad on my part.

April 4th

Something about Córdoba?

April 5th

I specifically recall speaking to the girl with the bowl cut who works at Muséo Jorge Rando.

But we weren’t at the museum…

April 9th

I was in a car with CM and her family. She told me she has 2 boyfriends now. She asked if I’d like to have a 3some with her and 1 of them. I told her no.

She asked “Why not? My dad does it with my mom.”

The dad, who was in the passenger seat, turns around and says: “I’ve been trained.”

I said: “Well not me.”

Later, I was at a house party with XO Niki trying to smash. We weren’t having any luck.

April 10th

Something to do with Vegeta (Prince of all Saiyans).

April 11th

Was in a university campus?

Met a guy at a burrito place. SN knew him too.

We had an orgy scheduled for later that day. All the guests started arriving and making their ways to the showers. It was in a dark basement.

April 12th

I moved back in with my parents. The issue was having a shelf in the pantry to put my food. My Mom was being difficult. Didn’t want to move a Crock-Pot we never use.

I found that guy from my Master’s I didn’t like waiting at the bus stop. I put my arm around him.

“I hate you” I said.

April 15th

People were throwing a birthday part for me. I may have been at Ryerson or an old job.

They were compiling a collage of photos for me. I felt very loved and well-respected.

As I was sitting at the table I heard someone talking behind me and saying;

“Yes, Anthony is extremely intelligent.”

I didn’t turn around, but just smiled to myself.

April 18th

I was at home doing some renovations with my Dad.

I had to repair 3 things he said I broke. I repaired all 3 without a hitch. Then I told him he should start paying me $53,000 a second.

I also recall Tom being in my dream.

April 19th

I was in a strange city. I saw Karlos on a bench talking to a girl. He had dyed the top of his fro purple. He started doing pushups on the floor and pulled down his pants to do so. He was wearing purple and silver Calvin Klein boxers. I asked him if he saw Sabina in Cádiz and he said no.

I also remember walking into an outside store and looking for deodorant.

April 20th

I was in a gigantic mall or house. Future was filming a music video. I was on a spiral staircase above looking down at the set below. There was a girl dancing in front of Future without panties or pants on. Her pussy was like a big ball between her legs, and she could open and close the lips like clamps, or like the petals of a Venus Fly-Trap. Then I went on stage, a photographer came, and he took a photo of me and Future posing for something we were working on together.

In this house a few families were going to have a competition like a fight. I was with Sonya. Sonya was trying to seduce one of the members of the other family. She kept nibbling on his ear.

I went to the gay guys room. He tried coming on to me and I declined. He punched me in the chest. I ran out of his room and started training and shadow-boxing to defeat him. I was in front of a mirror.

When I was in his room, I (read a book?) about this Spider-Thing. The more Spider Parts you collected, the more…years of life you have?

I was in the car with AU. I told her we had to have sex to collect Spider Parts. We had sex. But the Spider Parts appeared in our bed in the car. I tried sweeping them off the sheets but I was driving too. There was lots of construction on the road. There was a worker walking slowly in front of me along a temporary road filled with rubble.

The last vision was of a Penitente in a hood with rope tied round his waist holding up a pistol in the air.

April 21st

I was with David Roommate. We were looking at his computer. He had received an email from my Dad that read “DECLINED”. I asked him to open it. My Dad had sent some weird type of porn — Filipino?…

April 23rd

I was working for P.Diddy.

He was having a B-Day party for J-Lo, who was his wife. I had to co-ordinate between the two and help set it up. I was texting J-Lo and started criticizing her over something stupid. Afterwards, I realized how foolish I had been, and not wanting to lose the job, took steps to apologize.

P-Diddy was shopping in a white flower and I was following close behind.

The party ended up being in my backyard, which was bigger than usual and without a pool. There were a tonne of pizza boxes.

Finally I spoke with J-Lo over the phone and she accepted my apology like a stern maternal figure and gave me a second chance.

April 24th

I was with Antonio Particulares and we were in Barcelona where he used to live. I was asking him to show me his old house and he was wary to do so.

April 26th

Weed or LSD was legal. I was having trouble getting my hands on some. Finally, Sam Love handed out some to me and a group of friends in a room. It was in different formats: Drinks, French Toast, Pure. However, as soon as I took some, it became illegal. I hid it in the basement of my parents’ house, in the tin-foil in the freezer and on the shelf I built. As soon as I did, 2 ugly girls who were police or something, come into the basement to search. I went upstairs to talk to my Dad and he was his usual self. Luckily, the 2 girls didn’t take their job seriously and began instead to post selfies, and so I was relieved.

Then I was in New York with V. We were on the main highway in the sky and there was tonnes of traffic. We got onto the Lincoln Bridge and it cleared up wondrously. I was asking V questions about whether the traffic was always like this. In New York, they were having some sort of festival. Like a music festival. But we drove back to Toronto, which took 5 minutes. Toronto too was having a festival. I was driving down Spadina, through China Town and south of Queen Street. It was night. The streets were packed. I was on the phone with my Mom telling her I might stay in Toronto.

April 27th

I could see the future. I was working at a place and had to ride my bike down a road that was like Langstaff but reversed. There was so much fog that I had to abandon the bike. I saw two guys riding down the hill on similar bikes and tried to stop them but they rode off.

Uncle T was a detective. We were trying to catch the bike thief. We were trying to remember the name of Reverse-Langstaff. But we kept saying Italian cities, like “Sardignia Street”, “Calabria Court”, etc, until we both started dying of laughter

There were also scenes with Nonno in the basement, Zia in the kitchen and on the phone with my Dad.

Then I was at a restaurant. I ordered AFO (assorted fries order). It came with all different kinds of French fries. But, whoever I was sitting with had to leave.

April 28th

CG had a house listed in Capuchinos. I was walking in the plaza with him and his family.

Then, we all sat down for dinner. He invited Greg the Greek who was another real estate agent. He didn’t remember me from ****, or at least pretended not to.

Then, for some reason, I ran into Tiny Tito, who still had his curly hair. At first I didn’t recognize him, but then it all came to me at once: filming in the basement cantina freezer, etc.

OV had a baby with her boyfriend, and he left her. I was asking how she planned to raise it. The baby was tiny, miniature.

April 29th

I was training to become an artist/art historian. It was like a film. I was in a museum and a man came up to me with a book and opened it up to a page with a painting of horses running to the right, black on a white backdrop, over a black line that separated the bottom of the painting in blankness.

“It’s a French painter. 19th century. Inspired by so&so” I say. Name was at the tip of my tongue.

“Thierry Rousseau!”

“Correct” says the man.

My trainer came up to me and said “Good job” and I said “Thanks”

I remember looking at some other paintings in the museum and realizing the Rousseau was perfect for its composition. Also, something very important about oranges. I can’t remember right now.


May 1st

Abuela was full of energy. She was acting out people having sex.

She said “…and if they were English they’d sound like this” — Then did her best impression of an English voice. She was miming it all out, it was hilarious.

May 2nd

Pure sexual-frustration type dreams.

May 4th

Samuel L. Jackson walks into a dental office looking to do a checkup.

The dental hygienist receives him and tells him to wait. Turns out, the dental hygienist is my Mom.

Me and AX discuss the story in a luxury hallway.

May 5th

I’m talking with Tory Lanez. He has a massive forehead.

May 6th

I was arguing with 2 Arabs. I hit one over the head with a bottle, not super hard, but just enough to get his attention. I think I said “Escúchame!”

Turns out, I had to share a bed with them. 3 of us in 1 bed.

DB was there, he was married to Maria Lisa. I looked on the floor and saw one of my weed grinders. I asked DB if it was mine and he laughed and said yea. I went to pick it up but a dog came and slobbered all over it. I was very annoyed.

May 7th

The flat here was massive and different. I went to the washroom but there were shit stains on the seat. It wasn’t from me. I started to try and clean it but said no. Turns out, Sonya had some friends over and they used it.

I went to Jony’s washroom. Then he came in to go to bed. I was going to leave my bike in his room but thought better of it. When I went back in, 5 seconds later, he was already naked and masturbating. He screamed and said something funny at a high pitch and left.

As I made my way back to my room, I heard moaning. Out of the washroom came Sonya getting fucked by a guy with tattoos all over his skull. He was carrying her and fucking her and his back was towards me, but she could see me.

I motioned that she go to the other hallway, away from my room, and she spurred the guy like a horse and they left.

May ?? th

There was a guy who reminded me of a mix between DD and Soulja Boy. It was a white guy in heavy blackface, even painted his lips like a charcoal black. He was tall and skinny and dressed with baggy clothes out of the Bling Era. He was holding hands with this girl and walking around, real cute, real high-schoolish. Then he started walking across the street to check up on something. I specifically remember him wearing an over-sized hoodie, like an Ecko-style hoodie.

May 9th

I remember seeing my Sisters in the bathroom and playfighting with them. OV looked weird, like my student Christina Quirón. I thought to myself;

“That’s what being raised on washing dishes does to you.”

May 10th

DB was bringing me to his new apartment, but he seemed sick. It also seemed like he intended to do something gay with me there. When we got to the lobby before entering his apartment, he started gagging like he had to barf. I had the urge to throw up too, but didn’t.

Anyways, DB threw up, and we went inside. G was there with us too now. The apartment was huge, with a view over a lake and a mountain. I started joking around.

“DB comes in and asks for an apartment for a family of 4”

Second dream was that JF added me on Whatsapp and was watching my stories and whatnot.

May 11th

I was living with 2 black roommates in a big open flat. They were like football player types. We were all joking around then we started cleaning up, while posing. I was wiping down the stove.

Me and Sergei were chilling. We were talking about illegally downloading movies, then we went for a walk to a store to get a movie we wanted. A lot of joking around.

May 12th

I was in V’s backyard. VC showed up with a friend. I was there for some reason, I remember. But what? AE had dyed his hair blonde. It didn’t look good.

Another part of the dream I was in a big room. Me and Bike Shop Guy Dave were chilling. Some girls were doing gymnastics. One of them was in purple pants. She looked gorgeous.

Bike Shop Guy Dave pointed out she had an amazing butt. I got on my bike and rode towards them. They were all turning around. I tried to grab the girls arm to talk to her but she pulled away annoyed, and I made off like nothing happened.

May 13th

I was at a resort with all the B´s. I kept ordering the ribs at the restaurant. They were really good. And I kept sitting beside M, which was nice.

AD told me he had a 4some with KM and others. Told me it was boring because they were more into each other than him. Told me that her body reminded him of a salamander

May 14th

DBZ inspired. We were on another planet. Trunks went SSG, Goten went SSB, then Trunks’ hair started going SSB-Purplish. They had to go to the top of this mountain to defeat some monster. SS3 Goku was busy fighting a dragon.

My Mom was with me. I believe Goku was her husband. We were walking along a gangplank near a shore trying to go somewhere on this tropical foreign world. I told her everyone on the planet was trying to kill her husband, so I put my hand on her forehead and back of her head to protect her from bullets. She started crying.

May 15th

I believe Christina the Greek was in my dream. I was working at a venue hall, there was going to be a wedding or something. I had to invite the people standing outside in, but they were like a herd of stupid sheep. I was talking to some guys near the doors. One had a pack of smokes that were lemon-lime flavoured. I asked if he could toss me one. 95% of the thing was filter. Another guy asked if they were from Colombia. I said I doubt it.

May 16th

Me, V and M are having a sleep over. We’re in a beautiful ocean-side beach house in California. We decide we should do some coke off a surfboard converted into a coffee table. Seems like a good idea. But the coke never comes.

May 17th

New roommates in the flat. David Roommate walking around naked. Keeps touching me with his butt. Drops an egg on the floor. Then later I’m lying on the couch and he comes by and starts telling me a weird joke, but he’s trying to lie on top of me and touch faces as he’s doing so.

I wanted nothing to do with him.

May 18th

A Kid-Buu type guy was a swim instructor teaching us how to play a game with one of those floating tables. He had brown dreads and no face-tats though.

I was playing against OV. She was having difficulty getting this thing under her butt to sit on for the longest time. It was sad. She had to come see how I was doing it.

May 19th

The world was in some sort of economic crises, or on the brink of war, or something like that, and I was deciding if I should stay in North America or Europe. I was talking with my Dad. Maybe Nonno was involved.

May 20th

Something with Antonio Particulares.

May 24th

David Roommate was driving a RHD car. Sonya was in the passenger seat. She started grinding up on him. I was in the back on my phone or playing a video game. Someone was beside me. Jony or some girl. Sonya’s grinding became more intense. As David Roommate is driving I heard the sound of him unzipping his pants. They both started moaning intensely. I was in the back thinking: This can’t be safe. I just want to get home. The person beside me didn’t seem to notice or care. Finally he pulled into a driveway to finish the job. Disgusting.

2nd Dream: I’m watching an ‘As seen on T.V’ commercial. It’s one of those ads where a woman puts crème on half her face, and it’s supposed to get rid of the wrinkles, and so half her face is wrinkle free and the other half not. This ad is similar. It was a gel you rub on your ass to get rid of cellulite and wrinkles. And then you used this light machine to rub it in. And this old lady was demonstrating on her ass. And it worked amazing. Her left ass cheek was like a 20-year old’s after. But all you could see was her ass from the waist down. And she wasn’t wearing panties. So you could see her pussy too.

Then she starts prolapsing her asshole an entire foot outside her body. In the next scene of the ad there’s a man’s hand waiting just beneath her asshole. And she slowly shits out a baby chick. But it’s all brown and wet from being in her ass. And it lands on the guys hand. It’s super tiny. Next scene. The hand’s still there. Now she shits out two chicks. One small one and another that’s big. And they land in the guy’s hand.

In the dream I was thinking about how they got the chicks up in there in the first place. I imagined them suffocating in her tight, wet and smelly asshole. And I felt bad for them.

May 25th

Me and M were walking home from school or something. But in this big dark haunted city. Then we both logged onto our computers. The game was like a mix between space invaders and frooty loops, the music production software. And I was messaging M asking;

“How do you even play this game?”

But M wasn’t responding. His score kept rising, though.

Then I noticed a beer can that was sitting on the window ledge behind my PC.

We were on a night beach. And Slow Dom was there. He was like a low time drug dealer. Pretty sure MB and Joey Ankles were there too. I think I fell into some grass and it turned into water.

May 28th

B’s came to visit me in Spain. Racer was there. He had a baseball cap on like Ness from Mother 2. I was talking to him, and then halfway through the conversation I realized he wasn’t dead. Turns out, his whole death was a joke the B’s were playing on me. Even they had forgotten about it. I thought that was rude.

May 29th

I was at a school-dance. A well-known DJ was hired. He was wearing these massive sunglasses. I recall blue strobe lights, and me trying to talk to the DJ, and he just kept repeating the same phrase over and over again. It was something the Queen had once said. Something about the times, and the country, and troubles and faith. Other guests were urging him to go on, saying he was doing a good job, that he should recite this line professionally. I just wanted him to stop.


June 2nd

Making out with Gabriella. Kissing her back. She didn’t have the best skin.

June 5th

I was watching a talk show. Ariana Grande was on. She and the host were sitting around cross-legged, in a position of meditation, but they were seated above both shins, semi-floating. It looked as if it could be a radio-show, like The Breakfast Club.

Ariana Grande wasn’t wearing socks and I remember being enamoured by her toes. I wanted to suck on them.

June 6th

I had a party. Some people came and invited Sonya with them. They asked;

“Remember her?”. I didn’t even want to acknowledge her.

I remember the party being good, a lot of people being there.

June 7th

Lots of sex. With my Jewish Queen. I remember her asshole being really wide open. And at least 2 other girls who may have been strippers or hookers. I believe I came in one of them who was South American looking, but luckily she was on her period.

June 8th

There was a group of women sitting on blankets. JF was one of them.

AR was pointing at her, saying: “That’s my favourite one. I’m in love with her. She’s the inspiration behind all my art. Behind all my heart.” It was quite touching.

June 10th

Something about spinning robots with razor-sides chopping up pillows in pillow-cases.

June 15th

I have the feeling SM was involved. Sexual dream but good. Multiple women.

June 16th

It was something worthwhile writing but now I’ve forgotten it. Something to do with the strippers I saw Saturday night.

I think I dreamt Sunny was taking care of me. Something like that.

June 20th

Gabe Woo was dealing weed. He had it wrapped up in a piece of paper.

My Abuela was in the dream to some extent, and I recall her being very sexy!

I was on an island, like the one Notre-Dame is on in France. I was trying to find the way off. I was with some friends. Then I saw Ozzy Osbourne. I began asking him how to get off the island in mock French. I was being funny.

June 21st

Absolutely horrible.

Brian Osteo was there, giving me advice. I confessed to a girl that I felt almost free but for the area under my right arm.

I think CM was there. I took a poop and hid it in a napkin and under a plant in the family room. My Dad walked in later and remarked “It smells like shit in here”.

I remember 3 girls: Black, Indian and Latina. I gave the Latina a nice big hug. I wanted to have sex with them really badly. Then, I walk into the room and they’re all naked. One of them is standing by the edge of the bed and I can’t hold back anymore and I grab her and start having sex with her. As I’m doing so I’m thinking that now I’ll have to smash all of them, even the unattractive Indian, but I’m not at all bothered by it.

When I cum I look down at the sheets and my cum drops look like cracked eggs, see-through with yellow dots in the middle.

June 23rd

LF was rubbing my buzzed head and wearing booty shorts. I think she wanted to sleep with me and I was down but skeptical. Luckily, at the last moment I believe I found another girl to sleep with.

June 25th

I was living in a magical town, with my Abuela. I had something of value in the house that people were trying to take. There were these 2 alcoholic fat bums masturbating on the street corner. I was invited on a train that flew around the city, floating a bit over the floor along nice thick garden hedges. It almost flew over the edge, into the ocean that surrounded this magical place.

I went home and found the two alcoholics trying to rape my Abuela. They were giggling, cum stains on their pants. She was half-asleep and they were trying to pull off her pants. I started beating them up and trying to avoid touching their cum-stained pants. I threw them out.

Then I was with Esteban from Sant Cugat. He was poor and homeless. I was walking around town with him, returning towels and picking up new ones.

June 26th

Something to do with Bottle Girl H. She was actually being nice to me.

June 28th

I was in a nightclub with M. I was doing something I shouldn’t have been. A glass door was open and on the other side I was talking to a bottle girl.

Tiny Tito worked there as a sort-of-manager, and he had had enough when he saw me flirting with the bottle girl. He came wagging his finger at me saying I had to go, I couldn’t do this or that, like a little antsy weasel. I grabbed him by the head and smashed it through the glass door and promptly made my way out the club with M, telling him to keep cool if the cops came.

June 29th

I was watching Future have sex. He had a little boy’s body, and was very lithe and flexible.

He was into rubbing his ass in jeans on other people’s faces. He also liked having other people’s asses rubbed in his face, pants on.


July 3rd

I was with The Construction Boys, pouring concrete out of a hose to fill a little concrete island.

One of them came around and was talking mad shit, saying I couldn’t do the job right and they should take the hose away. Another said let me continue and they’ll watch. I was doing a perfectly good job before the guy spoke, but now that they were all watching I started to mess up.

They ended up taking the hose away from me.

July 4th

An exchange between Goku and Goten. Goku was trying to teach Goten something and it was so incredible that Goten couldn’t believe it.

“That’s what I told you” said Goku.

July 5th

I was in a mansion/warehouse. Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy were there, maybe it was their birthday party or something. They were in what looked like an underground parking lot. I don’t know what I was doing there, perhaps I was a hitman or something like that. But either way, I approached the group and made contact. They looked on at me with wonder. Then they sent the people after me to kill me. I ran and hid behind some boxes I found, hoping they wouldn’t find me.

July 19th

N invited me to go up to the cottage with him and all his Bulgarian friends. They were all dudes. We all piled into the back of a caravan and started making the drive up through to the forested areas. I was thinking: “Maybe I’ll learn Bulgarian.”

July 20th

I was at some sort of party and CM was there. I was sitting down beside her, we were talking. I was running my hands over her forearm and legs (which were kind of hairy) and I was overjoyed. She was being friendly, although it lacked something of sexual energy.

Later on in the dream I went to go lie down in this plot of soil surrounded by a low brick wall and SM climbed in and we gyrated our lego-block hips against each other in a dry-sex frenzy.

July 21st

I’ve begun working at a nightclub. H is my manager. There are pools of semi-nude beautiful girls. I go to my dorm area. JE’s room is right next to mine. Another girl, who I’m not quite as interested in, is on the other side of me. I go and friendly it up with her just in the off chance, and then go pass by JE’s room again. She’s slipping on a loose summery blouse. She hasn’t got any panties on, and I can see the bottom of her butt cheeks and her delicious looking pussy under the bottom of her grey blouse.

“You look beautiful” I say.

She turns around as if noticing my presence.

“Oh thanks. It’s our new uniform. H just gave it to me”

I can still see her pussy, poking under. I decide not to think. I take the plunge. I press my body up close to hers from behind, kiss her on the neck, press my erection into her butt.

“Oooh” she goes, signifying to me that she’s ready and she wants it.

Then all becomes like a book I’m reading:

“I go outside to get my wooden saddle I rode in on, and Suga is ready, she’s got the riding whip.

And when she go down she se down…”

July 26th

I went to go see Marlon about watching a movie with me, despite not really wanting to do anything with him. He was with a pretty girl with a fascinating butt. I stole her away from him, but had reservations that if she had slept with him she may have contracted some disease.

Soon after taking her away I discovered she was extremely short, almost a midgit, but with normal features. Her butt was still amazing.

She turned to me and said; “You’re going to have a lot of fun.” We proceeded to have sex, that, from my recollections, was great.


August 2nd

“My first wife is still alive, buried in the garden”

He rushes over to a patch of earth that looks recently dug and throws himself onto it, placing both hands down.

“Her heart is still beating. I can feel it”

August ?? th

A witty reporter at a basketball game interviewing a couple.

The wife is extremely flirtatious, overtly sexual. The husband says something like;

“If they win, she’ll fuck me good tonight.”

The reporter says something like; “Oh, and that line works on you?” to the wife.

The wife begins to accost the man and pushes him back into the courtside seats. The man begins feigning an orgasm, screaming “I’m peaking, I’m peaking!”

She’s mock-sucking him off, finally she gets up and goes back to her husband.

August ?? th

I am at a Cabana/Rebel employee party. For whatever reason, all the management have suffered some ailment and are in wheelchairs. They begin to play some rough wheelchair sport, something like wheelchair tag-you’re-it!

August 14th

First, I made love to DA. We were rollerblading, and then we fell down onto each other, she lifted up her shirt, and her tits were massive. She was laughing and smiling, pulled me down on her and we did it.

Then I ran into CM. She had gotten a boob job and her fingers looked swollen and manly.

“You know I never told anyone about what happened between you and me” she said, in reference to the long poem I had written about her. “I never told anyone.”

I was thinking to myself, I can’t blame you for being disloyal. But I can blame you for turning ugly.

August 15th

I was shielding my face from an onslaught of insects with a clear sheet. Preying mantises, flies, spiders, mosquitoes, were flying at my face like a downpour.

Later, my hair had grown longer. I was cutting it myself again. I was supposed to go to class, but spent 2 hours cutting my hair instead. It came out uneven, but still looking good.

Also, there was something to do with Nutella in my dream.

August 16th

I go to look for work at adidas. Gerry is the manager there. He pats me on the back, says for sure he’ll take me back.

adidas is split down the middle, one half being the store, the other half being a sweat-shop factory warehouse. That’s where I’ll be working.

August 17th

Under the covers with Summer fooling around, touching each other. There’s something about being under the covers with Summer. We’re both wet. The movies playing. Scenes shine light in blue shades in the dark room.

August 19th

I was in a class with M and JR smoking darts.

August 20th

I’m in some city or country. People keep bringing me to this one bar. But I remember there’s another one I want to check out. In order to get in I have to pull myself up and in. when I bound over, the first thing I see is M surrounded by girls. He’s got dreads and is wearing stylish glasses. He is a famous doctor.

P.S. Looking back, I think I was in the Cayman Islands.

August 21st

Anna showed me a photo of her in her house.

“Yes, that’s a stripper pole LOL” she says.

Remy is in the hospital? He’s losing lots of hair. He keeps shedding excessively. More hair than he has. It’s all over the place. At one point he turns black. But only for a split-second. There’s piles of his curly hair all over the floor. Every time I pet him more comes off.

August 23rd

Me and AY are flirting and getting along. We’re in a bedroom together, in the closet, and I tell her that part of the reason I applied to ****** was to be around pretty girls like her. I put a hand on her butt and she responds positively to the gesture. I believe we lie on the bed together and dry hump.


September ?? th

With KM. She’s got one of those cute little 17-year old butts in TNA pants. I’ve got her draped over my shoulder carrying her off like a triumphant Neanderthal carrying off his prize. I’m running my fingers between her cheeks like I’m playing the flute. She’s giggling.

September ?? th

Clearly influenced by too much Dark Souls II. These 3 women are running a store, and are scamming me with some crack-job about heavy compound interest on a pre-purchase. If I refuse, I have to buy it again anyways, but at a higher rate. I realize I must kill them to escape this situation.


October 6th

Me and Tall Cam were fucking a girl. I think I was in love with her. He pulled out when he came and some of his jizz landed on me. I was disgusted and infuriated.

Afterwards, I gave the girl a hug as though I were forgiving her transgression. The jizz landed on my thigh and eyelid.

October 7th

I was an aspiring singer. Paul Maserati was a music producer. He had one of those old mics with a thin neck. And he was holding the mic near his crotch and I had to sing into it. I believe the mic was coming out of his fly, and that he was holding my head down close to it. We were in a mining quarry which served as an amphitheatre. T.I. came and warned me that all this guy wanted to do was bring me back to his place and fuck me.

“Nature of the Music Business”

I was getting serious Mr. B/Gay Al vibes. I don’t remember if I was actually a good singer or not. I think I was improving.

October 11th

Had sex today. Premeditated by a dream last night…

I like to gently lick taboos…

IZ has got a slim body with super thick hips and she’s rubbing them up against me and blowing me kisses. I say something to the effect of; “Oh, hey there stranger”, my interest piqued.

October 15th

I went back to my place on Capuchinos in Málaga to collect or pay some money that was owing. Jony was the only one there. David Roommate and Sonya had moved out and 2 new people were in. I had a suspicion that David Roommate and Sonya had hitched up together.

October 16th

I’m in a massive freight elevator semi-filled with people and we are playing human bowling. Human bowling being that the Human becomes the bowling ball and is tossed.

I get up and accidentally elbow SN in the chest, so I apologize to him. Turns out, I had elbowed another white guy standing there.

October 18th

1. I had an exceptionally beautiful Italian-Woodbridge girlfriend. Tanned, tight body with brunette hair and classic features. We were supposed to go to Racer’s funeral mass. Me and my girlfriend were getting ready in a hotel room we had booked for the event. She was looking so fetching I couldn’t help but make love to her right then.

She was giving me a hard time about something so we quickly went to jewellers, and I bought her a ‘promise ring’. We went back to the room and did everything.

Afterwards, I began wondering how much I had paid for the ring. When I bought it I was in such a mad fury of a rush I didn’t even check the price.

My girlfriend tells me it cost $2000. I say something like we better return it, why do we need something like that? She begins flipping out and we break up.

Then I realize I missed the entirety of Racer’s mass.

Later on I’m walking down a soccer-field with CG and AF and asking them if they knew who my girlfriend was. I told them she went to the same High School as them and worked at ‘Valeria Jewellers’ in a plaza near their area.

2. DB was passed out. I carried him to the shower in order to rinse all the cat hair off him if he was to share my bed. I noticed how hairy DB himself was. I waited for him to wake up so I could yell “Heil Hitler!” at him.

3. I was impersonating someone, sneaking in somewhere. One man was onto me, asked if I was truly the Prince of Whales and did I just come from Birmingham? I countered him nicely.

October 19th

A clairvoyant boy on a radio talk show. One of the hosts asks him how he’ll feel/what he’ll do when in 10 years one of his predictions is wrong.

Boy pauses and stays silent for a few moments. Then he says, “What about, at the end of this show, we unscrew one of these TV’s from the wall and pull a baby out of the hole? There’s some wombats in there too”

Sure enough they dismantle the TV and there is a swaddled baby in the wall. The boy whispers something to the baby.

The boy is blonde, with flowing locks and blue eyes.

October 20th

I went down to the basement and opened the cantina door hesitantly. One spider on the interior door frame suddenly multiplied into a million and were crawling everyone on the floors and walls around me.

October 21st

I slept with someone pretty gaudy out in public and it created something of a scandal.

I had to set up a photobooth at a club, probably Rebel, and happenstance would have it that María was there celebrating her birthday.

Old feelings resurfaced.

October 22nd

I was at a party. I had invited a girl I wasn’t particularly interested in. CM was there. I won a bag in a contest. I went up to see CM but didn’t outright offer her the bag. Went back down to deal with the other girl, appease her or get rid of her, I can’t remember which.

When I went back upstairs CM was sitting apart. I think VA and V were there. I asked them what was wrong. CM was on her phone and teary-eyed. I sat beside her and asked what’s wrong.

She said;

“When are you and your ugly face going to get out of here?”

October 23rd

Mafia capo is a caterpillar, combing his fuzzy hair with a berry-tipped comb, on the flip phone talking about ending somebody.

Last “section” of a game. A haunted castle. Boss at end is too strong for us now. But hopefully by the time we make it through the castle we’ll be able to take him on.

October 24th

I was living in Nonno’s basement, it was in a submarine. SN came over to visit. I was exhausted so I fell asleep. When I woke up he had made himself a meal. Initially I was happy to discover he was reading a manga I owned while cooking, until I saw that he had spilt literal puddles of cooking oil over all the pages.

I was desperately trying to wipe them down and he left. Then I noticed that he had left all the pans unwashed. My Sisters came home, I was very frustrated.

October 25th

I was fucking KM. She had her hair and makeup done up big like the 80’s. The first time, after she blew me, I came everywhere, all over the place, all over her.

Then I went to the washroom. My Dad says: “Who’s smoking in here?”

Sure enough, the dumb bitch is smoking a bogie in my bed.

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask her.

October 27th

Something about fucking Erica…Frustrating.

October 28th

I had to start a fire in a makeshift pot in the laundry room. I collected some things and flammable mulch and was striking a flint trying to create a spark. I got something going, but it wasn’t enough heat. I asked Dad if we had anything. He told me we had a powerful heater in an aubergine-coloured box in the garage.

Instead I found a purple power drill in a cardboard box. When I approached Dad he acted as if that is what he was telling me to find all along. Wouldn’t admit his mistake.

October 30th

I was head designer for an ecclesiastical Off-White collection.

October 31st

Received bunch of texts from G accusing me of things that were not true. Work/life problems.


November 1st

In my parent’s basement, which was in my Abuela’s house. DD, Jagger and G came to visit me. Said none of the Jehovah’s said “Hi”. We go outside, into a hedge maze. All of a sudden there’s a lot of commotion and a loud noise

“Shots!” screams Jagger.

I start running, but note concern in Jagger’s face.

“Was I shot?” I ask, then feel faint, grasp my side, and fall to the ground.

Next dream. I’ve got a supremely hard and rigid erection and I’m getting excellent fellation from a fat Indian woman whose married to some guests of my family. I’m rubbing my dick all over her breast and belly.

November 3rd

*All these dreams did connect*

1. I met a girl. We went to the smoker’s room together where we lay ourselves down on a couch. I was drunk on lust. I licked her skin and found the flavour to be somewhat gross.

2. SN comes in with Mixed Kyle. They’ve just come back from vacation. SN has tatted his entire face with Holocaust death statistics. On his nose are text bubbles. His torso, front and back, depict a crudely drawn unfinished court scene. The tattoos are all hideous but I’m trying to be supportive.

3. I go to my parked car to find the back window open and a troupe of hippies inside. I chase them off but they leave the youngest behind, a blonde girl who needs to get back to her hic town. Through talking, she takes a liking to me, and when the other hippies come back to retrieve her she chases them off for me.

4. Mom comes home with boxes containing different body parts of Brad Pitt. They’ve just done a surgery on him and my Mom works as a nurse at the hospital. We have to keep the body parts in the freezer until it’s time to put him back together. My Mom says the box with his arm keeps shaking. I’m concerned he’ll get freezer burn in our low-grade freezers.

November 6th

1. I found out G lied to me about the price he was charging and underpaying me. I had enough with his lies and greediness and told him as much.

2. In a very strange vacation home. AR had coke wrapped up in what looked like tissue packets. Cops came and I had to hide, but was spilling contents everywhere. Decided to start snorting.

Then, a young girl who was living in the house with us was taking a shit in the washing machine. Me and AR started giving her grief, and dream devolved into a public service announcement about not teaching kids spiritual hubbub.

November 7th

I asked my Dad to drive me somewhere. I was sitting in the back, and OV and AX were in the car. He started blasting the AC, which was like a gust, and I asked him to turn it off because it was making me sick. He ignored my requests and so I sat there with my hand over my nose and mouth.

Then he started driving recklessly to make up for the AC, cutting in and out of traffic. He drove towards an oncoming 18-wheeler and turned into the next lane at the last second, blowing away the driver’s side fender of my Sisters’ Toyota against the truck as he did so.

We arrived at an open house. It was Racer’s old house. I was showing the lady around. Her and her husband were renting the place. It was grand and big and aristocratic in the living room.

My Dad was being annoying, ignoring the car incident and trying to get me to be privy to his plans.

November 11th

I was selling my art. 80k.

November 13th

I went on a small trip to Chicago. A very coastal city. More mild than Toronto. I was in a t-shirt. Lots of old people going for walks. I passed under a trellised archway. On the phone with my Dad telling him about it. Then, on this Spanish style courtyard, a group of people start singing. I go lie on the grass with Remy. Seems like my backyard, pre-pool now. Remy must have taken a shit because one of the singers/waiters came to pick it up. He asked how old Remy was, in Spanish. First I said “veinte”, then corrected myself with “diez”. Waiter said he looks much younger. I said something like “Tiene una cara de ignorancia” in reference to Remy. But I think the waiter thought I was speaking about his face and things immediately got sordid.

November 16th

My parents bought a new house. Basement was clean and airy and lighted. I had a cool bedroom down there. I also had a gorgeous girlfriend who AF introduced me to who had a perfect ass. She kept letting me touch it. I brought her down to the basement to have sex with her, with my parents’ consent.

November 20th

I’m in a city. I’m in a t-shirt and undies. I see G and DD chilling on a balcony together. I ask if I should come up and they say yes but hesitantly. I go up to the apartment and they’re lying in the bed together, being homies like usual. DD just bought a knock-off Apple pager. I like pagers because of CSM.

Then, I’m at a backyard party with DB and AA and them. It’s thunder storming hard. AA wants to dip, says these friends are lame. The backyard is that classic long backyard with far off fence and tall weeds/crops from my dreams.

November 22nd

1. Waiting for some friends to go to a strip club. I call Luciano on the phone and he says he’s there with the other guys already. I didn’t know how to pronounce his name. Didn’t know if it was Loosiano or Luchiano.

2. I’m on a plane. I’ve been travelling around now for quite a bit. I believe I’m now on my way to Spain. Before I board the plane I’m hit with a premonition that it will crash. I get on. As we are on takeoff, the plane is experiencing a lot of resistance from this dirt/sand type substance that permeates the air. Some of the passengers are nervous. As we ascend through the air debris, the pilot appears to put the plane in auto-pilot and leaves the cockpit. The plane cruises on for a bit, but then starts to dip and dive and I know then that we are about to crash. Luckily, we land in a body of water very close to land. There are no casualties. Problem is, the pilots stole the passengers’ goods on their escape. I’m floating in the water talking with a female passenger telling her how I had my passport, wallet, phone, everything in there. But a few moments later, parts of the plane begin to float up to the surface, including a cage with my luggage in it. My leather Longchamp bag stopped the water from getting to my goods.

3. All the plane survivors are now stranded in a magical place that may be Málaga. We play this game by a grassy hill that descends to the sea. Sometimes, the fish accidentally leave the sea and float up to the hill. If their nose touches the grass and they have enough stamina they turn around and make it back to sea. A lot of them don’t, and there are the bodies of many beautiful ‘Peacock’ fish at several spots on the grassy hill. I see one particularly beautiful Peacock fish floating up. Its nose touches the grass and it turns around. I follow it, hoping it will make it back. However, I lose sight of it and get worried. Then I see it jumping out of the water with another fish in its mouth and I am happy.

4. Finally it’s nighttime. We are all chilling at a sort of beach bar lit by tiki torches. SN comes up from the beach talking about the terrain. I remind him I’ve lived in Málaga for 10 years, and he changes the subject.

November 23rd

I was at a really good party. Lots of pretty girls were showing interest in me. I was on a balcony watching a procession down on the street. Drake drove by and stopped for a discussion with some people just below the balcony. Some of his friends came up to the party. One of them was so impressed by my fashion sense that he asked for my number, but I made no effort to give it to him. Then, me and Racer are chilling together at the party. Some lady who is there offers us some fruit on a platter, but first she puts the diced mango in the freezer. Luckily she left a few pieces on the plate, along with a lot of sugar cane. Me and Racer start eating it and Racer starts letting out stinky farts. He’s dressed in a black suit and tie, with a strange complexion, like a wax figure.

Later in the dream, there was a game show where people had to party as long/late as possible. Lots of Asians. Everyone is in costumes for the party. At the last event/party, one Asian guy asks where’s the closest Mickey D’s. We can see the golden arches in the distance, about a km away, and the line extends all the way to the party

November 24th

I found out my Mom used to take heroin by injecting it into the soles of her feet.

“That explains a lot.”

I check the soles of my own feet to see if any of the scars have transferred.

November 25th

Premonition dream.

I was working for Summer Walker, selling tickets for her concert.

November 27th

I’m at the tanning salon changing. I’m holding the clothes in my hand and the attendant sees me naked through the crack in the door.

November 30th

I’m asking some gangster types about where in Medellín I should stay. Seems like we’re in some backstage hallway of a concert hall or venue (like Madison Square Garden).


December 1st

First one was at a physiotherapy clinic. There was this middle-aged but in fantastic shape woman helping a buff man of similar age and fitness work on his internal hip rotation. They were pressed up to the wall together, legs spread and she was pushing her groin into his as he was working his hips inward, one side then the other.

The guy was really benefitting from the stretches. When she finished he tried to keep their groins pressed together, and then, in closed captions like on YouTube, she says;

“Look, he initiated that”. In an accusatory sort of way.

Second Dream…faintly I remember putting a guy in a chokehold. He wanted to start some beef with me and I ended it.

I had to set up an event. Was it in a tea garden, with 2 females? Something sexual? I can’t remember right now.

December 2nd

I was on a boat. I was with 3 Asian girls. I liked the first and the last, but not the middle one. Finally, we docked, and I saw these strange llama/camel type creatures on the shore. Turns out we are in Africa. I go to the boat hand and ask him, and he says we’re in Morocco. Tells me he’s from Africa himself, from Cambodia. I tell him Cambodia is not in Africa.

December 6th

Shopping with Nardwuar. He is wearing a purple plaid vest and slacks, both extremely slim fit, over a white button up shirt. He is in excellent physical condition and the paparazzi are following us around.

I’m watching a video of a man hugging a tree stump while a massive bear is beside him. The man is being still so as to keep the bear from attacking. He is, however, letting his 2-year old son play with the bear, wrapping his arms around its neck and putting his body in its mouth.

“Careful there, not too rough” advises the father.

December 7th

I fell in love with a black girl. We lived together with a couple other girls and a guy in a dilapidated condo. Sometimes, we would stay at the institute, where they made us watch lots of TV. I was thinking about marrying my girl, despite the fact that her brother and uncle were gang-related. The city was dark and gritty, we were walking in a procession, stepping over crumbled concrete and through holes in buildings. I felt up my girl every chance I got. She had an amazing body.

There may have been some disappearances, something went wrong, and my mind was preoccupied when we went to the institute. It was then for the first time I noticed they would inject us with different drugs as we watched the TV ads, to see how we would react. I lashed out and tried to escape. The institute was run by Amazon, or an Amazon-type company.

December 10th

I was with N, AF, SH and JF. There was another girl involved too, possibly Asian, but I can’t remember. We were going to have sex with each girl once to prove our mettle.

I did it with the Asian and I was supposed to do it with SH next but she had something like a chastity belt on. Me and JF left and took a giant elevator like a ski-lift down the mountain.

I gave JF a big hug and she said something like “You are such a good friend to me.”

December 11th

Lots of girls. I was at the corner of Langstaff and Pine Valley, it was Summer and I was waiting for the bus. I was there with several girls, one of whom was VA. I was talking to her, catching up, telling her about my deep-rooted love for her.

Zia was also definitely in my dream, but I can’t remember in what context.

I also recall sitting in a cramped cubby, at the end of a trailer overflowing with humans beings beside LT, and kissing her on the neck, her nice soft tanned skin and she giggling and enjoying it.

December 14th

I was in a sort of video game world. The rest of my party (I was the leader) had gone ahead of me and I was calling after them to wait and watch out. We had just entered a massive corridor with a path that ran along the near and far walls, with a connecting path between both sides at the end of the corridor. The middle of the corridor was a large ditch, so that if you fell from the path that is where you’d end up. I had my suspicions that a group of demons/monsters were waiting for us past a door on the far side. When we got there, there was a giant pot of Asian noodle soup. I took a couple spoon-fulls. I saw the monsters through the space in the door but decided it was time for fun. My party became a group of rowdy young black men. The B´s were there too. Even Racer.

“Let’s have fun!” I kept yelling. The game was to push people into the ditch. It was actually a lot of fun. I kept repeating the word fun until it transformed into “Fuentstol” or something like that. Racer was a good team member but he got teamed up on and thrown into the ditch. I felt bad for him. Then S and her sister came along, trying to get into the Asian restaurant ran by monsters. They pushed through the crowd and came right in front of me. I grabbed S’s arm and called her name but she pretended she didn’t see or hear me and went in.

December 18th

I was dating Cardi B. She was naked lying on my lap on the grass. The fact that I find her so disgusting was a turn on. I played with her pussy for a little bit, then got her to give me some A1 head.

December 20th

I only remember a few visions:

- Parking a car

- V kissing me as we watch a movie

- 2 yoga classes happening simultaneously

- Extending the vacation

- Abuela walking around aimlessly upstairs

December 22nd

A short, stocky, exceedingly ugly woman offers herself to me. I grab her and have her fellate me.

December 26th

I’m at a yoga studio in a foreign country. The girl working there is gorgeous, dirty platinum blonde hair. We talk for a total of 5 minutes then decide to have sex. I hit it raw but pull out, despite her telling me to cum inside.

Later on I’m walking with some friends though the streets. I’m recounting the story and one about another girl I’ve smashed as well. They’re jealous. I’m glad my number has hit **.

December 27th

I recall being with LT and her telling me that she’s now married so we can’t fool around.

“That’s whack”, I tell her.

December 29th

I was working in a nightclub and had to start bartending at 5. I went to the locker room to change into my white shirt but all the lockers had been moved for a marching band practice. They had been moved into the library across the hall. But when I went to the library I couldn’t find my locker. Instead I came across a group of Mexicans looting some other lockers. I tell one of them “No te preocupes”. He asks what I mean by that, all gangster-like, and I tell him;

“Que no tienes preocupar por mi” trying to avoid a problem.

I go up to the library staff and tell them to do their jobs, that Mexicans are looting the place.

Still trying to find my locker I run into my manager and 3 girls from work. My manager tells me not to worry about being late. Then, my 3 female colleagues grab me in a sweet embrace and we rollerblade around the library for a bit.

Later in the dream, it is night time and I’m in what is supposedly Toronto but much more beautiful, with classical architecture and some really cool buildings. I take a photo of a building which appears to be a sort of city hall with pillars and a dome. Suddenly, my vision becomes a 3D map of the city, highlighting the key buildings that I must photograph as part of my mission. But then, a man exits city hall. I believe he’s naked and there are flames emanating from his body. He begins hurling fireballs at me and I run for safety. I run to a dilapidated beach and behind some planks and an old wall. It is the morning by this time.

The Fiery Man approaches, talking, trying to coax me out of hiding. Finally, I get my phone to start working, and just like in videogames where selecting a location on the map automatically sends you there, I open up Google Maps and do the same. But for whatever reason it does not work. Instead I run into the water at the beach and have the Fiery Man follow me, effectively neutralizing his fire attacks.

December 31st

I was staying at a hotel with S. I walked into the bathroom and she was taking a shower. The shower was up a few steps on a raised level, and I could see her butthole. I asked if I could join her in the shower and she asked; “Why? So you can slip it in me?”

She eventually got out the shower and lay beside me. We started having sex. I asked if she was on the pill.

“Don’t you remember telling me never to go on the pill?” she reminded me. But she was on the patch. I could feel 2 of them stuck to her lower back. I asked where I should cum and she told me inside of her. This really excited me.

As we’re having sex we hear a voice and look around. Then my alarm woke me up.


January 1st

I came across some construction workers shovelling asphalt into a strip of torn up road on what looked like Langstaff in front of National Estates. I picked up a shovel and started helping. I don’t know, maybe I was looking for work.

Later on, I was at a family gathering. We were playing basketball. But I bumped into someone which caused a chain reaction like dominos that led to Nonno falling down and hurting himself. So we stopped playing and sat down to eat. For whatever reason I was completely naked, and every time I got up to get food I could tell that certain family members were looking at me funny. I remember not being too self-conscious though because I had a flat stomach. One family member looked down at my penis and gave me a sort of resentful look of acknowledgement. Having had enough, I put on some board shorts I found on the floor underneath the table.

At some point, a girl who I guess was supposed to be Monica showed up, but it looked nothing like her. If anything, she looked just like the very beautiful Indian girl I saw at Soho on NYE. We started talking and she told me she had a massage appointment with Thierry Mahanjy, a famous yogi who I knew of. She led me to the broom closest and sat on some cardboard boxes. The door was slightly open, and I noticed that the handle had a lock on it.

She was spreading her legs, I could see her white panties, she stretched up and I saw her perfect butt. I wanted to grab and kiss her, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I kept turning around and looking at the door, thinking if I should lock it. I could hear Zia talking to some others in the background.

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