STOP Sabotaging your Employees

Are you supporting your employees in their efforts to live a healthier life? When I work with businesses the first thing we do is a health culture audit to determine where they really are with their efforts to implement a wellness culture. Ask yourself these questions?

What are you doing to incentivize your employees? If the answer includes a pizza party to show appreciation you may want to rethink the incentive. Pizza parties are fun and seem like a great idea on the surface but a culture of wellness would not promote pizza.

Pizza is a quick and easy answer to a problem not a thought-out appreciation. Yes, healthier options take some planning, but show true appreciation for the person. I hear the typical response, my employees love pizza. Everyone loves pizza, but is that really want they want? More and more people today are gluten free, carb free and/or dairy free, so pizza is not on their list of items to eat. They will eat it because they want to participate, and they feel like they deserve it because it is a gift of appreciation. Is this the message you really want to send?

How do you celebrate Birthdays? Birthdays should be about celebrating the life of a person. We have somehow managed to make it about sugar, which is making us obese. I know a Birthday only comes once a year, however if you are celebrating everyone’s birthday and everyone feels they should participate, that is A LOT of sugar.

Do you allow your break room to be a dumping ground for leftover candy and cookies from home? Employees will eat what is fast and easy, so don’t allow the dumping. If you are promoting health you can’t create a mixed message.

These examples might seem drastic, but long term these are having significant impact on the health of your employees which has a direct impact to your bottom-line.

If it is time to re-evaluate, let us assist you with creating and implementing a true culture of wellness.