Take Control — Love Yourself

February is a month to take control of your surroundings and celebrate love for yourself. If you have a lot of stress in your life and you never have time or money to do the things you really want to do, then it is time to take a hard look at your surroundings. How much stuff is impeding on your space and your life?

We have grown our homes, our closest, we are in constant search for storage space, we want a man cave and a play room, we have grown our cars to SUVs to carry all the sporting equipment and we have grown our garages to 3 cars so we have one full garage for all our toys (bicycles, kayak’s, golf clubs, etc).

Why do we get so consumed in having so much stuff? Stop and ask yourself — How much money are we spending on the toys and overflow that we rarely use? Are we spending the money to make others happy? What are we storing and why? How can we free ourselves?

It is proven we use 20% of our stuff 80% of the time, so let’s get rid of the other 80%.

February is a great time to take control of your life, clean out, and organize your surroundings. We are typically stuck in doors because of weather and can find the time to really go through closets and sell or donate items. Use the money of the items you sell to create memories that will last a lifetime. An organized life, home, and office creates a less stressful environment and allows you to thrive as a person.

This task can be overwhelming, but imagine the end result. You no longer have to pick up, organize, clean, store or choose from all this stuff. Imagine downsizing your life into a manageable, organized, controlled environment. Imagine not having to spend every weekend working in the yard and cleaning the house. What would life be like to be able to go to the beach on the weekend, jump on a plane and enjoy a vacation or go to the mountains for a hike?

If you are ready to take control from feeling a ton of stress look at your environment and see if it is time for you to organize, scale down, and resize your life. What is important to you?