The Importance of Workplace Screenings

Workplace screenings are an important component of an organizations corporate wellness initiatives. By measuring key aspects of health, including height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides, among others, these screenings provide valuable insight into the health of your employees. Identifying potential risk factors early on enables employers to implement more targeted wellness initiatives. Annual screenings track progress and improvement over time.

Screening programs continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of employers and employees and offer valuable benefits, including driving engagement, improving health outcomes and reducing costs.

Drive Engagement

Your overall wellness initiatives should not be a one-size-fits-all approach, nor should your screenings. Customizing screening programs to meet the needs of each unique organization and their workforce can help improve participation. Allowing employees to do their screening through multiple outlets, such as, using a lab, scheduling an appointment with their doctor, or provide convenient locations and times for scheduled testing at a health fair or a private office. Insure the screenings offer resources to take the next step. These ideas are more effective at engaging employees, which can help increase workplace productivity, improve outcomes and reduce overall costs.

There are a number of ways to engage employees to participate:

Incentives — Research shows offering employees a financial or other type of incentive to complete their screening increases participation.
Communications — Ongoing communications from employers about upcoming screenings and what to expect are critical to raise awareness and encourage participation. This can include emails, posters and flyers in common areas, mailers to employees’ homes, newsletter inclusion and intranet postings.
Convenience — Holding screenings when and where it is convenient for employees will ensure attendance.

Integrate Your Numbers

Workplace screenings offer valuable information into the health of the employees, as well as the leading drivers of health-related costs. This provides both the organizations and their employees with a starting point toward their overall wellness goals.

For employers, aggregate data from screenings integrated into a wellness portal helps to create a baseline from which to customize wellness strategies moving forward. By using this information as a foundation, it is possible to measure month-over-month and year-over-year results and improvements. This is an opportunity to see the progress and value of wellness initiatives, as well as, adjust programs as needed to meet the needs of your employees.

Understanding what is working and what is not, allows organizations to avoid wasting money on ineffective wellness programs and invest where it will have the most impact for their employees and the organizations bottom line.

For employees, having an understanding of their health and potential risks enables and motivates them to take action to improve their health, leading to reduced costs for themselves and their organization.

Screenings are an integral part of every workplace wellness program and offers value and benefits to both employers and employees.

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