What Is In Your Vending Machine?

Today over a third of Americans are obese, costing organizations $190 billion a year in extra medical spending. I love working with clients to implement a wellness culture in their organization to help increase productivity and reduce health care costs. Among many tough discussions and decisions of an organization is always, “What’s in the vending machine”? This is an easy way for me to know if an organization is “walking the walk” or just “talking the talk”.

Most organizations will say this is a perk for our employees and they want the junk food. The truth is, employees are looking for convenience. They prefer healthier options, but when they are hungry or hit the three o’clock slump, they just want something that will pick them up and get them through the rest of the day. Stocking healthier options might get a grumble or two, but overall will be viewed very positively.

The question then becomes, “What are healthier options”? Choices should include low-sugar variants, organic products, and gluten-free items.

Let’s start with soda. I firmly believe no one should drink soda, diet or regular, so here are a few options to remove soda from your vending machine.

  • Club Soda
  • Bottled Water
  • Powerade Zero
  • Vitamin Water Zero
  • Tazo Ice Tea

Replace prepackaged foods, chips and crackers with these:

  • Rice Chips
  • POP Chips
  • Sweet Potato Crisps
  • Popcorn
  • Sun Chips
  • Baked Chips
  • Packaged Nuts

Candy equals sugar which leads to lower productivity due to sugar highs and sugar crashes. Try these high energy, low sugar options:

  • Protein Bars
  • Cliff Bars
  • KIND Bars
  • Licorice

I also recommend a bowl of fruit in the office break room. Oranges, apples, and bananas are not that expensive and in a bowl, will last the week. A banana is a great source of energy for those afternoon slumps and they are easy to eat, inexpensive, and most people like them. A case of yogurt in the fridge, high in protein and low in sugar will satisfy every sweet tooth. My favorite is Dannon Oikos Triple Zero.

When presented with healthier options most people will appreciate them. You do not have to be the enabler of bad habits. By removing unhealthy options, you are forcing them to bring unhealthy options from home. Since this is not convenient, they are less likely do it. This will drive employees towards healthier options and long-term behavioral changes.

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