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If your writing goal is about more than just sharing your thoughts, you better have a strategy after you hit publish.

We all write for different reasons. Some people do it to get a book deal, some to generate web traffic for their business, some to share their personal experiences, and others do it just for fun. No matter what your reasoning, if you are writing with the intent of having other people read what you’ve poured your heart and soul into, you need to understand that after you hit publish is when your journey begins.

There is no denying that writing something meaningful is a labor of love. It takes time, passion, and grit to push through the feelings of writers’ block and self-doubt. But no matter how beautifully crafted your piece of writing is if you just press publish and walk away, more often than not, you’ll be disappointed with the results. …


John Dietrich

Marketer, Writer, Dad. Often wrong, but always willing to listen. Sharer of Thoughtless Opinions.

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